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ETHEREUM 2019 – NO PROGRESS?! Programmer explains

I’ve heard many individuals declare that Ethereum isn’t progressing in 2019, Bitcoin maximalists and supporters of competing tasks resembling EOS and TRON are fast to bash Ethereum too. Let’s talk about what’s really taking place to Ethereum in 2019, we are going to take a look at Github, dapps, developments, improvements and many others.



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  1. What about cardano ?

  2. Really like your research in bringing different topics in your GMC sessions…great work👏👏👏

  3. I heard that Solidity doesn't give you error messages showing the line of code that is the issue. If that is true then this is really backward and difficult to program with as eliminate bugs will be a big headache. Hopefully Viper has better tools for bugs.

  4. All I learned from this is that they are actively working on ETH and making progress.

  5. Ivan can you explain how to send multiple erc1155 tokens in one transaction to save transaction costs and network load?

  6. Digibyte, Cardano, Apollo, and U Network I really like them, because of their features , the development team and of course their wonderful community just buy and hold

  7. is channel being shadow banned? i have to keep clicking the bell

  8. Could you get Rong Chen on and talk tech with him

  9. Thanks Ivan. May I suggest polling your followers as reviewing the market cap and top winners and losers at the beginning of the show is a waste of time unless you enjoy it. Maybe replace it with a lightning node, EOS nodes update? Something fresh as every other You Tuber opens with market cap. Your channel is unique so should your opening IMO. I hope everyone reading my comment will provide feedback or make recommendations of their own. Thanks again Ivan and I am well aware it is your show and you will do as you please just making a suggestion.

  10. You're good at doing this, Ivan. I love your accent too.

  11. Hi Ivan, long time fan here.
    Where is the best place to learn the vyper language for someone with zero programming experience? Thanks.

  12. Best place to learn vyper with no programming experience?

  13. Ivan you should know better, double spend on a billion of micro payments…?

  14. If it's that easy to fake transactions, why is the top ETH app ranked 12th? Why don't people "abuse" ETH apps/transactions? EOS and TRON are abused applications, but ETH apps are pristine? ETH has been around multiple years longer than TRON or EOS, so where are the users? Where are the transactions? Where?

  15. 11:15 What if I told you that you can have an infinite number of interoperable blockchains with Bitcoin security? Komodo offers that and much more, I really am not trying to shill I have just done a lot of research and come to the conclusion that this is one of the best approaches towards decentralization. I believe you are a smart guy and will understand the potential of the project once you have done some research. Great video by the way!

  16. Ivaaaan your so haaandsome ❤️❤️❤️❤️🙂🙂🙂

  17. The only crypto channel for real learning. Well done Ivan

  18. You cannot compare EOS and Ethereum: the one [EOS] is working and has a use case and is running the other is purely a crypto currency and is trying desperately to play catchup to do the things EOS can do.

  19. Ivan can you please inquire about becoming Cardano ambassador? We can really use you in the community

  20. Why is the transcript in Korean? Looking to see if ProgPoW was mentioned.

  21. Do one on Blockstack please!

  22. Ivan, I think you've made the mistake of falling in love with ETH. Too many if, buts and maybes and they're taking forever to implement anything. I hope Ethereum comes good eventually, but I fear it may be too late for them when they finally reach their goals – if ever they do. The competition is strong.

  23. first 3 minutes rubbish… the info starts at 3:00

  24. Ethereum is KING and will be around for many years to come. It has already won. It has its unique position in the ecosystem. I hope other projects are able to carve out their place and succeed as well, some others will for sure. The FUD is a manifestation of greed, Ethereum is highly respected for its position in the space for good reason (battle tested and relatively decentralized/no on-chain governance similar to btc) and is here for the long haul! Thanks Ivan.

  25. EOS and TRX…. shitcoins! 😆

  26. Smashed the like 👍🏼

  27. Hello from NZ Ivan love catching your show. Thank you for 12 months of super education

  28. Fantom (FTM) genuinely has the most potential to pull 100x in my opinion

  29. You are so Jamaican 😀 – Ivan on Tech

  30. If Ethereum is so boss then why the fvk are they recoding the entire project from scratch? Guess they didn't think it through the first time – like Cardano is doing.

  31. Thanks for your review. Now I have changed my mind about the etherium, at first glance, everything looks different, too much marketing everywhere.

  32. if its good and bad because of those reasons. then why doesnt ethereum just make their own new updated from scratch blockchain platform and make it so that they can just move evertything easy from the ethereum network?

  33. Nice One….Thanks for your efforts

  34. To me, it seems like these smart contract platforms (ETH, tron, cardano, EOS) are all easily replaceable with one another in terms of functionality. I can't see why it is a good idea to hold them long term.