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Crypto Bites: Chat with Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin

Abra founder and CEO Invoice Barhydt and Ethereum Founder Vitalik Buterin have a prolonged dialogue concerning the issues that Ethereum is out to unravel.

For more information and a full transcript, try the Abra weblog:

For more information about Ethereum:

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  1. Vitalik Wanka >>> ethereum the ShitCoin Factory

  2. how fucking long do you need to make the intro dude, love the sound of your voice too much, fuck off

  3. – a crypto currency to strip the 1% of their power.

  4. more weird they look and act, more genius they are

  5. Can you please say something about SMART CASH (SMART) ? – i think its one of the best coins worldwide… insane idea, very decentralized, biggest potential in my opinion

  6. хочу эфир за 1000$

  7. The host needs to stop saying "Yeah" and "Yup" whenever a guest is speaking.

  8. Save yourself the trouble and join EOS.. light years ahead of ETH

  9. He's smart but the way he explains how he got to where he is you can tell it's just hardwork and brain power. He never just suddenly came up with everything over night.

  10. Bill looks like Nicolas Cage!

  11. working on so many things for blockchain scalability, but still haven't released a non-beta version of web3….

  12. Interesting conversation ..where do you guys see ether in next few years?

  13. The second he opens his mouth you can tell even if you don't know him, that he is next level intelligent! Wha a great guy!

  14. Vitalik just shave your head already

  15. At the time the major surge in price in January 2018, Buterin’s wallet had around 375,000 ETH and was valued at around $514 million. However, since that time, only 20,000 ETH has been sent, and nothing received, so the remaining in his wallet has been 355,000 ETH. Thus with the price levels at $107.87 it is now worth about $21.57 Million

  16. I feel like this dude is trying to sugar coat it, but he's basically saying fuck the government

  17. Blockchains LLC is building a smart city and huge development in Reno, NV. If you have any blockchain and ethereum related projects, come to Northern Nevada!


  19. A shame the tech doesn't have a proper governance model.

  20. Vitalik, we need you on the Abolitionist Project ( sigh

  21. His eyes are going all over the place all the time. He has 100 layers of thinking going on at the same time in his head.

  22. 8/24 = 1/3, not quite a 1/2 😀 SAVAGEEEE

  23. Will Vitalik eventually be more vocal about his support for SENS research?

  24. IAm wondering if he ever took part in an ICO or hold other coins then Ethereum? Maybe he is holding a lot of Eos?

  25. It was valuable to gain insight into the social context of the ethereum and Vitaliks's thought processes on how people work together. After the interview, I think he is a good team builder and not trying to gain glory for himself.

  26. He's from another planet…

  27. Stop interrupting Guy!!!

  28. stack this token and earn – now 100 stack pays 3.10 every 2 weeks

  29. Vitalik is so strange, and I love it! People like him that aren't afraid to be different and disrupt industries are the ones who change, and ultimately improve, the world. Stay different my friend!