Saturday , September 26 2020
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Ethereum Smart Contract Backdoored Using Malicious Constructor

On this video we go over how sensible contracts written in solidity are deployed, and the way the Acoraida Monica contract was backdoored.

Acoraida Monica – Actual World CTF
Half 1:
Half 2:

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  1. Take a look on EthereumJ, it allow you look into contracts variables storage. Very cool! But for old contracts you need full sync!

  2. why is it possible to debug and give publish code to a "banking" system?

  3. Your video is nice. Make a course on reverse engineering on Udemy

  4. I have RE knowledge and I have mixed feelings, by the way you explained the challenge seems easy to solve, but I know first hand that it's not. BTW that debugger is awesome.

  5. I've been following Ethereum for a long time and still can't see it as a safe platform.. being a Turing complete scripting language on a blockchain is an amazing idea but the fact that you can't update your code means it needs to be bullet proof from the get-go… and we know that bullet-proof code does not exist (or at least takes an insane amount of time and validation/testing to be created).

    I know there are new programming paradigms for Ethereum codes that split code into different smart contracts but that, to my knowledge, still depends on at least part of that code being immutable and, therefore, bullet-proof. On top of that the Ethereum Foundation's 'move fast and break shit' attitude (in contrast with Bitcoin's slow and conservative approach) adds fuel to that fire… even if your code is safu, the new updates might break it and insert vulnerabilities into your smart contract.

    Until there is a way for a smart-contract platform to some how allow for distributed computing AND immediate code refactoring by the creator I don't see how it can really deliver it's potential without insanely high losses from hacks…

  6. WTF? That is too simple. Btw: Why can you do assembler in ETH in the first place?

  7. I'm a simple developer who writes windows apps to automate business / office processes, database systems, data processing etc… So I speak your language but get lost in the concept… Yep, I'm turning 40 next month, so time to become a manager or teacher 🤣🤣🤣

  8. Hello and Welcome back to Episode 34 of ‘Why Is This In My Recommendation Feed?’

  9. Are you planning to continue your I:ONIK hub router thing research?
    I really liked that.

  10. awesome men really awesome and its a fileless u give me idea imagine same bachdoor direct by dtmf (not for noobs) dont want to detaails bu t i think u really understand

  11. Amazing like every Video your channel is really a nice gift to mankind. One of the best and most informative chans in YouTube. Its nice how compact and compressed your Videos are… No bullshit, just pure Knowledge and Information.
    Did you also some ICS and SCADA-Stuff ? Have you already knowledge in this field ? Seems to be interesting and a important skill for the Future. And maybe a cool Topic to make a video-series from, even when much stuff goes deep into producer-specific hardware for example Siemens S7 or Beckhoff-Stuff maybe also total customized controlsystems.
    It was stuxnet, what me impressed so much on this. It is so fascinating, interesting and also a little bit scary 😉

    Greetings Hotwire

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  13. Dein Englisch ist schlecht.

  14. Another excellent video, Bolchoseth. Your explanations are extremely helpful.

  15. Any thoughts on doing an android app reverse engineering playlist/video??

  16. A video about Ghidra can be interesting !!

  17. The lesson here kids… Buy bitcoin

  18. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SIMMMPPLLLEEEEE………………………………………………………………..

  19. Wow this is surprisingly simple… Makes me wonder how this stuff ends up in code in the first place. You'd think somebody would look at that during a code review and go "HMMMMMMM"

  20. Oh man, this is Rick and Morty stuff… Geez