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Ethereum Mining Profitability History & Future?

Ethereum mining right now shouldn’t be essentially the most worthwhile operation to do with Graphics playing cards setups.
Because of the newest Ethereum constantinopel Hardfork the income gotten even worse.
As i present you a little bit of a historical past on how the Ethereum profitability was on of my mining rigs, that was truly my first.
We realised that we doubtlessly have discovered the precise delivery date of all Ethereum ASIC Miners.

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  1. i have 6 gpu plezz contect me
    i wana mining eth

  2. Asics were alive 6 months prior release ,at least

  3. Hi, it's a great opinion. For sure it may have been that. We can't just be sure. People selling day by day dumps the prices. What did you do with your ETH? Did you sell them or do you still have them? 🙂

  4. I definitely think the ASICs were being used way before they were released to the public. They also test out the concept for the ASIC with their FPGAs first which could've also contributed to the insane difficulty before the price run-up. It's pretty much known that these manufacturers feed themselves before they throw us smaller miners the scraps

  5. difficulty rise in 2017 was because of difficulty bomb not because many many people started mining. They started of course but difficulty rised way beyond that

  6. I wouldn't be surprised if ETHash ASICs we're around the summer of 17. All these ASIC companies seem to release them much later where they are JUST efficient enough to make them seem like a great buy to the consumer, but not good enough to safely ROI. Just my thought.

  7. Profit = Income – (EquipmentCost-EquipmentResaleValue) – Electricity + (Difficulty+FUD+FOMO)

  8. That Math makes no sense since you dont get the same amount of coins the whole year.

    Also did you keep all your ETH till December 2017? or were you too weak to HODL?

  9. i don't know how else to appreciate the good work Rice Milner has done for me, I just made another profit of $2,550 on ethereum and made a withdrawal today. he has been my financial pillar for months and am so happy I got to trading with him.. new traders who wish to share my testimonies themselves should reach him on his email []


  10. First Green arrow was the difficulty bomb.

  11. would be nice to have BBT included in a discussion about the theory of ASICs and daybyday selling to create low price in ETH – specially that bitcoin had the transition from CPU –> GPU –> ASIC mining in a longer history (more data)

  12. Nice video but i use eth code and i earn good money with it if you want to try i will leave the link of the program

  13. Great story thanks for sharing that! Love hearing about the old days of mining. Your theory about the Asics is solid

  14. I have 80 mining rig to sell

  15. Asics can produce 160-180mhs with buying price 5k. You need 3 asics to get 1 eth per month. Who can afford that?

    Asics can no longer mining BTC, per 42 ths of 3x asics (14ths each) , you can get decent USD7-10 per month. Haha.. Better mines eth @ 500mhs aka USD150 per month. This exclude electricity bill. I think you mined only afford to pay the bill.

    2019 onwards are no longer profitable for mining any coins. Except you get free electricity like me.

  16. Cool vid, thx for sharing your insight… very interested to see if ProgPow happens and what it does to price