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Aftermath of Ethereum Constantinople Hard Fork

Ethereum rewards now at 2 Eth per block, and with the problem bomb now delayed for an additional eight months (decrease block instances) everybody ought to be getting the identical quantity of Ethereum as they did earlier than the bomb activation. Nvidia playing cards will not be good to mine on ethereum proper now, however AMD Playing cards nonetheless worthwhile for Ethereum! –

Ethereum Hashrate –
Ethereum Common Block Instances –
Ethereum Block Depend & Rewards –
Vitalik Twitter Tweet 32 Eth Proof of Stake Serenity –
Ethereum Core Devs Assembly #56 [2019-03-01] –

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  1. Thanks for explaining all of this.

  2. That’s funny that you just want 32 ETH. All I want is just one Bitcoin and then I will mine everything else I like.

  3. Good luck on your 32 Eth, I, unfortunately, won't be able to afford it.

  4. u said nvidia cards no good for eth,lol i geting with gtx 1070 34mh/s

  5. I read the reward went down per block but so did the mining difficulty, so it evens out.

  6. I clicked to see did you ressurect that r9 295

  7. Do you think investor & miner still trust ethereum? From investor point of view & from miner point of view…!

  8. Hey man, just a suggestion: when you're pointing out values in the charts (eg. price, block time, etc.) perhaps use the zoom feature of the charts so the viewers can more clearly see the changes you want to highlight (eg. drop in block time post-fork, etc.). It's less useful visually when you have the whole chart zoomed out and are talking about data points on the chart which are all the way on the right end of the graph. If you zoomed in the chart on that portion at the right end, it' would make it more visually useful to us viewers.

    Keep up the good work!

  9. What we need is a POW coin that somehow makes it necessary to mine using solar panels. That way people are getting paid to setup solar farms. then, after enough time to at least ROI, it could switch to POS and instead of leaving mountains of useless mining gear filling the planet, we would just be left with a massive decentralized solar power infrastructure with which all the Eco harm done by power hungry POW miners would be reversed completely. I can see my mining farm one day emerging from it's cocoon as a solar distribution farm… That energy could supply the grid for profit or mine coins which will always be SOMEWHAT profitable if power is all from solar

  10. Hello I am from Germany and often look over your channel ….
    I'm miner myself. but what should one minen next who ETH goes to the POS. But please do not tell me CLO / ETC 🙂

  11. Anyone want to share his price prediction? :p

    Thx RedPanda great video, finally someone who provides us with decent information 😉

  12. that's good , it is getting to earn coin , good luck.

    ETH: 0x05cf2374573fdd95b6ade7dc9600ba51980c0600

  13. On a small scale, my 8 card amd rx rig doing 250 mhs on 1350 watts on nanopool , still getting. 05 eth in just over 2 days. Seems to have added about 4 hours on my payout. Thanks rp

  14. IDK where are my forked tokens so I can drop this project and go back to where I want to be.. In Monero