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Digibyte Crypto 2019! $DGB (Review by an Ethereum Developer)

Digibyte crypto assessment 2019! UTXO defined from 2:22 – 9:13. Digibyte is a blockchain undertaking with a deep-rooted connection to bitcoin’s core functionalities, however with a number of distinctive options added on to it. Digibyte multi algo consensus, Digishield, and segwit are only a handful of the important thing differentiators which are current within the DGB ecosystem. Sooner or later I hope to see ASIC resistant mining and extra business adoption for the undertaking, as Jared Tate, the Digibyte CEO has talked about. The Digibyte value went wild in 2017, however Digibyte information has been quiet during the last 12 months as they’ve continued work to enhance the protocol.

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What’s Digibyte? It’s a cryptocurrency and blockchain platform that’s targeted on pace and scalability. Digbyte mining makes use of a number of proof of labor algorithms, and the digibyte coin is the primary worth driver for transactions.

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  1. Digibyte is my long hold because it is so community-driven and on-going fork to fight centralization. And of course, on-chain scaling

  2. How expensive would be to do 51% attack?

  3. Where is the best place to buy DGB so is now a good time to buy

  4. Hash and digibyte what a perfect pair!!!

  5. Digibyte, Cardano, Verge, Apollo, BABB and U Network they will be for sure the winner of the next bull run

  6. Have u done a video on bezant or kambria

  7. Probably the best in depth review I've watched about Digibyte, with the just amounts of enthusiasm about its potential and racionality about the overall hurdles to success. Keep up the good work!

  8. Great video! It’s nice to see DigiByte getting some of the recognition it deserves 👍🏼

  9. Why I love DGB? Apart from all the things they have achieved so far, their attitude has always been to 'understate and over deliver' than vice versa. Also they have never been an ICO, which means that this project is from people for people, without enrichment (I assume that). I even guess that not everybody from the team could be paid for the capacity of work. It is a truely humble project! Now to the best parts: It will get adopted, because it is one of a few cryptos, which is able to handle mass pay solutions. And this coin is about a penny right now… hold my beer (you know what to do)!

  10. HDDL on TIGHT to your DIGIBYTEs

  11. This crypto rocks and frankly do not understand why it is not being gobbled up by the community! It is so fast and transaction times are second to none! Besides just buying more of it, i wish i new what more i could do to promote this winner? If the crypto community gets behind this coin, its upward mobility could be impressive!

  12. Lots of info! Thanks! ❤DGB!! I think this will be a coin everyone will be talking about soon. It just takes time. They have some great developers and will be ahead of many projects!

  13. Finally got a chance to watch this video. I love the analogies for a layman like myself. Cheers brother!

  14. Is digibyte Quantum Computer proof?

  15. Good project but so little talk around it.

  16. I feel a lot better being able to hold a dollar vs looking at something that represents a dollar but isnt a dollar

  17. Ethereum cant scale without the Lightning Network unlike Digibyte,which can scale on its own.

  18. How can I sign up for this?

  19. Thank god someone knows what they're talking about .
    Subbed awesome guide

  20. Thanks Satoshi uhh err.. Hashoshi. Exactly what I was looking for, I am seriously thinking of fomoing into Digibyte!

  21. Wrong satoshis will be just that unless we split

  22. Talk to me about this and if i get paid I will make the program for the different algorithms;) how much would it cost or would you pay for that?

  23. “Be Fearful When Others Are Greedy and Greedy When Others Are Fearful”

    -Warren Buffet.

  24. Digibyte (DGB) – This could be the coin that rules them all

  25. Crypto people need to leave the tribalism… if you check out XRPL, the technical documents and the ACTUAL usage, the problems you mention here ARE already solved… the problem POW should be solving is that the calculation were something usefull instead of just a waste of energy.

  26. Better tech is XRP with huge partnerships

  27. I love digibyte also, and it has sooo many advantages and great characteristics, but WHY THE HELL does it not move way beyond 1 cent???? What is going on?

  28. They got rid of one of their old algos to make room for Odocrypt recently..

  29. Hmm. No mention of Digi-assets?

  30. Time to Accumulate DIGIBYTE and Hold on TIGHT

  31. Jared Tate DigiByte CEO…. 🤣