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Bitcoin, Ethereum, and all things Cryptocurrency with Richard Heart and Paul Democritou

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This interview is with Paul Democritou: Entrepreneur, gross sales/advertising skilled, writer and most cancers survivor. Startup/ICO Guide:

Richard’s Early Life
01:33 Training
05:13 Social Circle
07:45 Jobs
10:27 Skilled Life (Florida)

12:03 Richard’s Intro to Bitcoin
16:03 Paul’s Intro to Bitcoin

Buying and selling

16:55 Shopping for the Dips / Faux 6000 Assist
18:31 Interplay Between Bitcoin and Altcoins
18:52 XRP on Coinbase
20:48 Bear Markets Destroy Exchanges
21:39 Present Market Sentiment
22:37 Buying and selling Recommendation
23:17 The Kelly Criterion
24:02 The Crypto Market’s Have an effect on on Richard
24:30 Giving Out Free Buying and selling Recommendation VS Making a New Token
26:39 Making Cash VS Saving Lives
30:03 The Save Your Ass Fund

Richard’s Private Life

00:32:22 What Drives Richard?
00:33:40 Pursuits Outdoors Bitcoin (Enhancing Others / Scivive)
00:35:02 Success to Richard
00:35:15 Constructing High quality Habits / Feelings
00:37:38 Present Challenge: Bitcoin HEX

00:40:30 Discovering Success is Life
00:42:13 Discovering Success in Crypto
00:42:21 ICOs
00:45:14 Buying and selling
00:47:33 Getting Free Airdrops (BitcoinHEX)

00:49:01 Making Errors
00:52:29 Mentors VS Their Books VS Private Growth
00:56:33 Favourite Books
00:58:26 Morning Routine
01:00:11 Notion of Richard
01:01:12 Typical Day
01:02:31 Quick-lived Habits (Social Media) VS Lengthy-lasting Habits (BitcoinHEX)
01:05:16 Hobbies (Night time Golf equipment, Music, Canine, Keyboards, Video Video games)

Buying and selling and Bitcoin (1:07:07)

Present Market Sentiment (cont)
01:07:16 ICOs Are Useless

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  1. Alcohol and bullets Lmao! Nice quip

  2. I’m 64, and you are probably the smartest and most interesting person I’ve ever heard. What’s more amazing is that only 38,000 subscribers are tuned in. You are a rare jewel so please keep shining brightly and hopefully more will see the light. Bless you bro.

  3. I for one hope we go lower. I want to accumulate more before the next bull run.

  4. Richard, what did you say your personal definition of golden cross was? When 15 day simple moving average crosses 200 day?

  5. Im always stoned and work my ass off so others can be too.

  6. what kind of necklace is he wearing?

  7. Richard makes everyone look dumb on a discusion about bitcoin xD

  8. So true about rotation generations of social media.

  9. Listening to Richard make me cry how stupid I am .

  10. @RichardHeartWin try spending £7 on a Epicondylitis Clasp for your elbow they work wonders👍

  11. Can you address Clif High? His data might include your coin because it has “bitcoin” in the name. It makes me think he might be predicting your success. He’s also taking a lot about cancer lately. An interview with him would be 🔥!

  12. I don't think engagement will go back much more when bear markt continues. Because those involved and already on social media know it will come back. They all know bullrun is ahead, no matter if 2400, 1800 or even 1163 low. But yes, I hope for capitulation candle and hard reversal. Two weeks vertical down and spike up. Lowest low in early April at 2300 and higher low in August at ~2600. At 2600 in August there is log scale long term downtrend. Soon, patience will be rewared

  13. This is one of my favorite people.

  14. You remind me of me, but apparently with a lot less bad habits.

  15. Richard has a good purpose of life. I will be/do the same when I be rich through Bitcoin… And by the way already trying my best already now. Great interview

  16. Man it sounds like you really are a hater about people going to the gym I love waking up going to jitsue getting my body centered commimg home making money trading. THen running my buissines plumbing which frees me up to fund my project. Don't be a hater tho not good for you. Thanks for the advice

  17. "That's a long book. That's alotta pages." Heart is so smart he has a brain in his heart.

  18. I'm down to invest in hex

  19. My intellectual dick is rock hard right now

  20. If I get rich off hex, I will buy a black cowboy hat like this dudes profile pic

  21. When will hex be on binance

  22. If the origin address gets a bonus when people emergency unstake couldn't the origin address stake some coins and then emergency unstake and pay the penalty and not have to worry because they would get a copy of the bonus payout and use this to inflate the currency?

  23. Lol I'm in the HVAC business here in Houston and it is tough man.

  24. Thanks Richard, I appreciate your frankness!

  25. Any one else notice Richard talks in similar manner as Elon Musk?

  26. how is HEXs' value going to be determined if everyone is locking it away? Will new coins be created through mining? You mentioned that its mineable but someone else pays for it, please elaborate.

  27. Never trust a man who wears 4 rings.

  28. Richard is raw cool stuff

  29. Nice! I’m living in Hollywood about 10 min from Davie.

  30. i dont wish cancer on no one but you cant keep putting coin in the money box at some point it get full there has to be some sort of population control or we consume the world like a virus and die of starvation one or the other hay in the end we all die sounds harsh but true