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What is Going on with the Ethereum Constantinople Hard Fork? (Update)

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  1. bug was just a front until they figure out if to continue supporting GPU miners

  2. So, what's going on with Etherium?? What's your thoughts on this hard fork?

  3. Ethereum will be faster and safer after

  4. Only fork they got right is the one they give free at KFC…

  5. Wow, EIT, EIP, Constantinople…..can eth come up with anymore BS to get this going. Focus on a chain that's actually doing things, big things.

  6. This hard fork being deployed will trigger the next bull run.

  7. 8:58 how can he sit on that wheel chair without falling.

  8. How can you say that Ethereum bottomed? What I see on the chart is a lower high followed by a lower low. I don't see any breakout nor accumulation pattern. So no confirmation of that. You might buy into a falling knife.

  9. with this upgrade I herd there will be a dividend paid to eth holders. Is this true?

  10. На русском языке лучше)

  11. will jaxx wallet support upcoming eth hardfork