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Skycoin Review (Skycoin 2019 – Ethereum Developer's Review!)

On this Skycoin evaluate, I’m sharing my preliminary ideas about Skycoin 2019. Skycoin is touted as the brand new web for a brand new world and is taking up the privateness, price and effectivity issues with the present state of the web in the present day. Skycoin Skyminer units are being constructed and utilized in the true world on the testnet. Is Skycoin the answer that can deliver web to fruition? Let’s hash it out!

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Skywire and Skyminer are each part of the Skycoin blockchain ecosystem are very formidable in their very own proper. The bitcoin-based mostly Skycoin is a part of the Skycoin Fiber blockchain on which dapps might be created.

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  1. What do YOU think about Skycoin? Having just learned about the inner workings of this project in the last two days, I'm curious to hear your thoughts!
    👽Check out the Hashoshi Merch collection for the #HashNation community:

  2. such a pro. great video as always!

  3. Would be great to have a comparison of Skycoin and Elastos

  4. Bro, the new miner costs 1999$, right, but you'll ve rewarded in a period of 24months and getting back 1999$ in sky through that period. Starting now at these low prices of Skycoin, it's a nice chance to get way more back than 1999$… Imagine you've received the first month like 100sky, and it goes up to 5$ and more later, means, you'll have 500$ from the first month alone. Boooom

  5. Mainnet will come, and it won't be a hollow launch like Cardano either, antennas are being assembled and posted as I type.

  6. Wow, I heard things about Skycoin before, but this review really explained all the hype. Skycoin is unquestionably one of the most exciting and pioneering projects in the industry.

  7. You bring a great point!!
    I hope they see it too.

  8. Is skycoin going to be part of the oneweb project??

  9. This is like iota, if they will deliver, it will be THE standard, for whatever the vision is, because the vision is great. Altough maybe in around 5 years, right now its just a dream

  10. Awesome review! I've been a Skycoin investor and supporter for many years now and I really appreciate the thoroughness of your review and the time you put into it. This video will educate more people about this amazing project and shine a light on it's possibilities. Get in while it's cheap folks! The mainnet launch is coming very soon!

  11. MPLS is good, but SD-WAN would be the better solution.

  12. Wow! I finally found a YouTube channel I can really learn from. You certainly know your stuff! Thank-you 😊

  13. What are your thoughts on MOAC's MicroChains? Is this something that companies should leverage to scale in a more effective way?

  14. Can you do apollo review??

  15. sounds too complicated and expensive for those who want to run the miners to make the who ecosystem work. Substratum will just run a node on your PC and boom you become part of the ecosystem and you earn SUB

  16. What do I think? I think SKY will die. Telegram members are leaving in droves. The so called mainnet launch did nothing for the price. Sudo is a nutter and Synth belongs in prison.

  17. So sad to see this shitcoin being taken seriously.

  18. Thanks for putting this out brobro.
    Well said and engaging.
    Loving the detail and the technicalities you brought to mind.

  19. Anything involves Mcaffe is a no no for me….

  20. Mate this is so thorough, I’m definately doing more research

  21. Build a dope Dapp!!!!
    I dare you!!!!!

  22. Hashoshi > Ivan on Tech. Ivan is so overrated.

  23. Hi, I bought skycoin last year and have my details but where do I see my coins? last year I viewed them on the web but but there is no sign in on the webpage now? where do I sign in and see my coins? Thx

  24. Burn rate is only 10% coin hours now

  25. You can build a DIY Skyminer for less than $40 [before trariffs] The SkyTeam uses Telegram join the chat

  26. but why kidnap your CEO and take his crypto?

  27. Don't skycoin is a joke, stick to top 15 coins guys

  28. Any chance of doing a follow up review…. especially on CX skycoin blockchain language? seeing as you a developer you may be into it yourself

  29. How do I resell skycoin skywire skycoin maybe you can elaborate on that I would like to hopefully be able to resell the skywire part of it I need to become a member of Sky coin or whatever what's the or where do I need to sign up if anyone can get back to me especially the person making this video cuz I apparently he looks like he has a lot of knowledge if anyone get back to me with this just to be very much appreciated thanks have a blessed and wonderful day I'm going to investigate the person was making the video I missed his name I don't know if he actually introduced himself but whatever God bless

  30. Nice job – tricky to know the future. Does anyone actually have a skyminer or is it dreamware?