Friday , September 18 2020
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Ethereum Sharding – The Best Explaination with Animations

Do not perceive Ethereum Sharding but? Make it straightforward on your self and take a look at this video. It has purdy animations to elucidate every part.

Written by Lily Giannoni

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  1. she's so cute in a hot way πŸ™‚

  2. Complex topic explained in a simple manner. Thanks.
    Some concepts get compromised by simplicity, though. For example, nodes simultaneously verify transactions and try to solve the puzzle. It’s not that each node waits for another node to verify transactions.
    Professor analogy was good πŸ‘

  3. Amazing video! but how to solve the randomness problem…..can anything really be randomly programmed?

  4. Ziliqa $zil came up with sharding to solve scability issues. is about to launch mainnet the 31 of this month. Keep an eye on it.

  5. I am 45 years old. Why are fart noises still funny? lolz!!!

  6. Excellent video! Keep it up!

  7. A bit of misinformation in this video:

    More nodes on the network does not increase transaction times and block propagation time has little or no effect on the transaction throughput of the entire system.

    The 32 ETH is a deposit, you burn it in ETH1.0, and it is refundable when you withdraw from the validator set in ETH2.0. You don't have to "make your money back", it was always there.

  8. Classic Blockchain = Dial up internet……….Sharding = High Speed Internet….got it.

  9. Great watch on Sharding.

    Another great article I read about sharding was-

  10. checkout apollo currency the only Crypto with real database sharding