Sunday , May 31 2020
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Ethereum to ZERO? Eth Chain Split. ProgPow & ETC 51 % Attack. GPU vs ASIC Miners.

Might Ethereum go to zero?? Will Ethereum go to zero? Ought to Ethereum go to zero? Effectively should you did not know there may be an unstated battle happening with Ethereum. The Ethereum hardfork was delayed from it is deliberate date of January 14th, to a brand new date. Someday in late February. It has been mentioned this delay was due to safety vulnerabilities in one of many Ethereum Improvment Proposals (EIP 1234). Was this actually the rationale for the delay? Or was it as a result of a contentious hardfork would occur, leading to a brand new Ethereum chain? The 51 p.c assault on Ethereum Traditional provides us some very telling info relating to this. Tune in to discover out extra!!
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⏰ Time Stamps ⏰
00:08 Introduction
00:35 Ethereum Constantinople Is Delayed
00:59 The Motive We Have been Informed…
01:47 Possibly There Is One other Motive For The Delay
02:13 An Ethereum Chain Cut up or Contentious Hardfork
02:58 ProgPow Is Recommended
04:00 The Ethereum Traditional 51 % Assault
04:32 ASIC Miners From Ethereum Attacked Ethereum Traditional?
05:03 Ethereum Traditional Attackers Returned Funds?
06:33 Who Are The Stakeholders In The Ethereum Cut up and The Penalties of Every Group?
07:17 My Principle On Who Precipitated This Delay and Attacked Ethereum Traditional
08:48 Even Ethereum Traditional Agreed With My Principle

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  1. Eth is a shitcoin

    Edit: stay off the booze Chico!

  2. Шикарный канал

  3. U should close this funny joke channel and go to harvest.

  4. Genesis mining did the attack.

  5. Etherium is fucked. Meanwhile eos races towards adoption.

  6. believe or not, last minute cancellation is to prevent chain split

  7. Epic analysis! I'm your fan for sure. I tought i am looking at a news buletin made by professional investigators. Keep up the good work! You are on your way to number one youtuber on crypto! Peace!

  8. Geez… Tyler…this is the reason I am now on the a retail investor this is over my head to try to grasp… keep digging, I will keep watching 😊

  9. Hey Chico can you check on Apollo Currency(APL)

  10. I would like to know if i should hold to ETH or BTC

  11. Am I the only one getting a serious Ramsay Bolton vibe from this guy?? 🤨
    -Watch ur 🌭!

  12. There's a very little known project called 0xBitcoin. 0xBTC is the first implementation of the EIP918 mineable token standard which opened up the possibility of a whole new class of mineable assets on Ethereum. Using an SHA3 mining algorithm and on-chain Proof of Work, 0xBitcoin essentially mimics the fundamental properties of Bitcoin (BTC). 0xBitcoin is the first mineable erc20 token. 0xBTC has a 21 million hard cap and regular, automatic difficulty adjustments. Without any ICO, airdrop, pre-mine, or founder’s reward, 0xBitcoin is arguably the most decentralized asset in the Ethereum ecosystem, including even Ether (ETH), which had a large ICO.? 0xBitcoin is entirely community run and managed. The token's smart contract is immutable, so no alterations to the distribution code can be made. It's also ASIC resistant and you can mine using gpu,cpu and fpga's. What are your thoughts?

  13. Great vid Chico.I knew the official story didn't make sense.. thanks for all the digging. Would you hold any ether right now?
    I'm thinking of selling what I've got just in case it tanks. Thoughts anyone?

  14. Oh, I will keep watching. I even pressed that bell button! Cheers, keep up the great work!

  15. Nice analysis … Thanks for the great content!

  16. Theres some strange shit going on with ETC one wallet I quit using because I think they are shady fuckers is Atomic, but I have a little ETH in that wallet like less than .003 but for some reason I now have the same amount of Classic which I have never purchased or have any record of in my history. Its an inactive non updated wallet, the wallet itself Atomic is owned by Changellys CEO. So just a thought why would an exchange be dumping small fragments of a coin into dead wallets and not having any history of that transaction in the wallet itself.

  17. Good Information.. I ve been in crypto for 3 years and this is the best channel that ive ever seen.

  18. All software can be implemented in hardware, in full or partially.

    I would argue that any software solution that must fight its hardware implementation is a bad one. A good software solution works on its own but is helped by an optional hardware implementation and will embrace such hardware.

    Any protocol that needs to make counter measures against hardware will be stuck in a perpetual war that it can not win. Such protocols should be abandoned for better solutions.