Friday , September 20 2019
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Top Ethereum Projects. These Will Change the Game. ERC20 Revolution. Crypto Picks 2019

What are the high tasks on Ethereum or the high ERC20 tokens? I wish to contemplate this the Ethereum tri-force. These are Chico’s Crypto Picks 2019 (Ethereum ERC20). One is a DAO and stablecoin. One is a decentralized trade protocol. One is a decentralized finance and prediction protocol. This might be thought-about the Ethereum Tri-Drive or Ethereum Holy Trinity. Are you able to guess which cryptocurrencies we’re speaking about? Tune in to search out out the high Ethereum dAPPS, protocols, and tasks!
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  1. The quality of the videos keeps getting better and better Tyler!! Brilliant

  2. Trump denuclearized North Korea. What did Obama do to receive his Nobel Peace Prize? I know Trump wont win it, but defeating ISIS should have been the slam dunk for him winning it. Maybe he'll reluctantly be given the award after he saves the world from an alien invasion.

  3. Somehow that CDP reminds me of the housing market of 2005-2007..

  4. There are so many emerging options for dev of ecosystems that I can't see one being set in stone right now.

  5. Haha you can’t drop crypto and a cold one while wearing a beer shirt 🤣

  6. ROBETCOIN will defiantly be the biggest riser on 2019, when the live betting platform will go up, if you want to find the next great coin in crypto and you love betting explore them!
    So underrated right now, only 800k in the circulating supply.
    After their public sale when players will start betting and the supply will be released to the public the market cap is currently in the top 30, remember where you heard it first 🙂

  7. Definitely needs to take his job and cmbc!! 😁👏

  8. ETH
    Shitcoin that won’t scale

    NEO – ELA – ONT
    China 🇨🇳

    The future

  9. For a guy that only has one beer a day please keep the cold one as it's what got me started on your channel.

  10. Having a beer lead to all day drinking?

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  12. EAT VEGAN!!! SMOKE only once a week 😉

  13. Fak diet and gym. We want the cold one. Dont become like one of those ICOs. Keep your initial Roadmap and whitepaper

  14. Hahahahaha!!!!really loved the last part man!!!!Hilarious!!!

  15. Is your sentiment of Vechain still the same?

    They keep referring to events that are very inticing/convincing.

  16. Fuck cnbc chico,youre better than that.

  17. Not sure about Holy Trinity but good info. Veil requires a coinbase account (I hate Coinbase).

  18. I'm trying to figure this out, but it seems like Maker is the best
    purchase, because if the liquidity of the 0X layers (350mil+ daily) will
    use the Dai stable coin it'll increase the value MKR tokens as soon as it gets used in that trifecta. What do you guys think?

  19. I’d add Bat and Loom to the list also.

  20. Hey chico, have you heard about Ren? They joined the defi ecosystem and seem like a legit project. Thanks man!

  21. Can MKR be extremely valuable in time?

  22. The intro melody sounds like The Knack My Sharona

  23. Lol, if there is enough demand price goes up man. Not down. You made a mistake @ 3:49

  24. God dammit I can understand a fucking thing you just said Chico use drawing boards or something man oh Christ it's so fucking complex when you bump into the shit and I've been staring at the cryptoverse for like 6 7 years straight I still ain't pulled the fucking trigger

  25. Yeah man you are about the best informed person in crypto today but I wouldn't go work for CNBC .

  26. Augur is one of my new Golden Ponies on Coinbase.