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ETHEREUM to ZERO? GRIN & BEAM to ZERO? Shocking Bitcoin and crypto predictions with Tone Vays!

Please tell us what you considered our interview with Tone Vays under! Are you holding any of those cash?

Do you may have any extra questions for us or our group? Do not be afraid to ask under!

DISCLAIMER: This isn’t monetary recommendation! That is an leisure and opinion-based present. I’m not a monetary adviser. Please solely make investments what you may afford to lose, and we encourage you to do your individual analysis earlier than investing. DYOR!

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  2. Fully agree here with Tone Vays!

  3. Tone doesn't know anything about Cardano and acts like he knows the future all the time.

  4. You licked his butthole too much at the beginning and didn't stroke the shaft, thats why he turned on you.

  5. Netflix and all services has limited content, mostly political loaded garbage.. A lot of people are going back to sharing

  6. I'll take double in XRP. It's currently used in real world utility.

  7. Because Vcs set up mining farm its not fair… code is open source, and every one had the same opportunity to prepare for launch. If someone uses the opportunity to invest heavily in equipment to mine that has very effect on fairness of the coin. You expect for people who commit no effort or money into preparing for a coin launch to get the same out of an opportunity …. That would truly be not fair. no risk no reward. high risk high reward. equal opportunity has nothing to do with that,

  8. I personally strongly disagree with Tone Vays because his points arent strong and when challenged he just goes off on a tangent and a lot of the time goes against what he previously or the points he argues also applies to bitcoin. He points out "flaws" in alt coins but does nothing to really address the flaws in bitcoin, which is why a lot of alt coins like eth were created. The only real points i see him present for bitcoin is "it was first and is most popular". I would not be surprised if he invested in myspace or aol as well because they were first and popular at the time.

  9. So BTC should have had copyright over blockchain then?

  10. wow, judging from the comments it seems the subscribers of this channel are totally clueless. listen to tone, read more, educate yourself about scams and stop being clueless.

  11. Bitcoin is the innovation just like the Model-T Ford as the first mass produced car, but completely new platforms quickly emerged in the car industry. To think that Bitcoin is the only platform for the time being is not prudent. We already have Cardano and it is based on nothing that is Bitcoin – and much better.

  12. Tone vay is a Bitcoin nut hugger, got lucky invested into bitcoin early and made profit now people think he’s a genius. Ethereum is a trash can look how many devs have moved to other block chains Aka tron being one of them. Also bitcoin like someone said in the comments before may be top dog right now but let TRX Cardano Ripple and a few others that I didn’t mention continue to progress 2 of those 3 will most likely be ahead of bitcoin in 5-7 years. Tone vay is like the equivalent to a one hit wonder in the music industry yeah that one hit was lit but everything else put out by this guy was complete garbage.

  13. Damn this bald guy is an idiot

  14. Not scammy. Omg its like watching paint dry. If I listened to this idiot my bank account would be half of what it is. The fact is its Easier then ever to trade buy/ and exchange usd for crypto. N nothing he is saying makes sense he's litterally making it up as he talks

  15. So wait a second he says o there's no need for decentralized currencies and value. O but bitcoin is a good idea for decentralized currencies, solving the double spend problem with a non hackabke system of checks. This guy gets dumber as he talks holy cow in hell. Probably the dumbest person I've herd in months he discrediting his own sentences every other sentence. Dumbarss

  16. No no traction control and computers in cars and electric cases. Not that innovative. So is it secure is it not secure. Is it good/bad for decentralized. Ur saying both in the same rant

  17. Tone Vays is the best you ever had on your show

  18. There hasn’t been a bubble yet. The 2017 Bull Run was the ‘Big Bang’ of the asset class being born, recognised, coming in to existence.
    No wonder this guy appears to be living with his parents.

  19. Tone Vays has to learn a lesson for his bitcoin maximalism an tribalism

  20. A lot of hate here for Tone, but whether you like him or not, most reasonable people will recognize that he makes some very legit points. Look at all the established analysts and pick and choose what makes the most sense to you. I appreciate Tone's perspective… just as I really, really, appreciate Krown's TA.

  21. Fuck Tone Vays! Maybe he could short BTC again and buy some hair plugs. What an ugly fucker. Look at the background ghetto ass apartment he is streaming from.

  22. Tone spoke about bittorent, about decentralized platform, what is the best platform for dapps and he didn’t even mention Tron as the best option against eth and afterwards he uploaded a video telling that he didn’t know anything about tron.

  23. I was blessed so I would like to bless others

    100 percent garunteed. No Perks. Less then 5 minutes

  24. Tell him about Facebook..

  25. Mr. Fud TV I am a Vays fan and do believe in his position after a long and winding road over the last year plus in crypto. I want to say thank you for your time and your professionalism during your interview of Tone I found it to be informative and affirmative in my position of near BTC maximilism, keep on keepin on.

    – a friend in crypto.

  26. You can set a limit to the amount of gym members because you can only have so many people in the gym due to fire codes.
    There is utility there. This is the part where you argument fell apart.
    The best example would be season tickets limited seats but owners can sell on the secondary market.

  27. All you alt coin believers are going to learn the hard way. Tone bought alt coins when he first got involved in crypto as we all have, but he realised they are all rubbish just as I have myself. The quicker you learn this the better.

  28. This guy is a freaking idiot who doesn't grasp any shit about cryptos and the ecostystem around…he sell himself as a Trader but he never worked as a trader, he doesn't trade and the few trades he took were epic failures…honestly I'm even wondering who the hell is interested in listening this douche bag?? One good thing is that with the time this interview will be one more reason to make him disappear for ever.

  29. This guy's smokin crack. I'd rather have 5k in Holochain than Bitcoin over the next 5 years.

  30. How does a guy who keeps f**** up and making mistakes justify these claims…?

  31. so whats this guys importance in the crytp world i dont understand too me hes just like every other person on youtube trying to sell something or influence somebody so he benefits from it the problem is not alt coins the problem is youtube and all its garbage that we call channels where is the filter for the trash

  32. disgusting thumbnails, revolting face. gfy.

  33. lol sound like he is reading a script . hahahaha

  34. – decentralisation is slow and inefficient but it is fair and transparent and if tone ways think money is only thing that needs that , he is wrong and a bad person

  35. if i remember correctly the experts say 95% of investors get it wrong,sooooooo double $100000 in an alt for 5 yrs would be the right choice 😉

  36. This is laughable. How can this nut job give any advice when he's a loser! The reason why folks make a big deal about this guys is because their blind. The blind leading the blind. SMH….

  37. when it comes to ethereum he loves govt, sec n regulations LOL

  38. 9:30 tone contradicts himself in later videos claiming it's not in a bull market after validating his analysis here – btc goes up more than 100% and alts drag along.

  39. A lot of rekt shitcoin hodlers getting upset in these comments.

  40. What accent does this guy have? Midwestern?

  41. This guy is at least 60% BS. Why do people pay attention to him? The Wright Bros built the first plane but there are no Wright Bros planes. What about his automobile analogy? He sounds like salesman spewing off the cuff bullshit. I'll never click on anything with his name again.

  42. tone vays is correct, look the price of ETH today…lolz…thank you Tone!

  43. tone vayes is nobody. both of your kids trying to play adult