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Ethereum Core Devs Meeting #53 [2019-01-18]

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  1. gpu mining is very fair and well distributed. i dont want to buy an asic from these untrustfull companies sending Out stupid maschines all over the globe. this is insane. #proprogpow

  2. I got many to get CoinBase connected to Binance. Through just 2 sources:)

  3. Your conservatism will be your downfall.

    I'm a professional software developer (sorry, Hudson, we exist out here, and are not amused) who has been involved with Ethereum since Dec '15, and my message is that you all need to be more aggressive, for the health of the greater network.

    Remember why you got involved with Ethereum. Remember the purpose of your work.

    Maybe it was just for a paycheck. For me, it was to change the world for the better; to empower enlightened individuals to coordinate on a global scale; to push the boundary of what is socially possible.

    You don't get there by dragging your feet. You get there by seizing the day. Every day that you've been granted.

    This is not a post of ungratefulness.

    This is not a post made to discount the work that so many have done.

    This is a stern message, imbued almost solely with emotional appeal, to a diffuse group of individuals who will hear me.

    Once your complacent patterns are recognized by others, they will be exploited.

    Work with vigor, or your lunch will be eaten out from under you. The world is a big place, and the extra space you give yourselves will germinate malicious and/or competitive forces.


  4. The Ottoman empire already won this battle.