Monday , November 30 2020
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2019 UPDATE Is Ethereum Mining Still Profitable? GPU Mining Rig

Is mining Ethereum in January 2019 nonetheless price it? On this video we check out the present market value of Ethereum and evaluate it to how a lot my rig mines in a day.

WealthSimple Evaluate:

$3000 Mining Rig:


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  1. Good video Griffin. I see you are running Mac OS. I'm curious if one OS is better for mining than another, and if so, which one out of Mac OS, Windows and Linux is the best for mining on both AMD or NVIDIA cards? Thanks.

  2. Great video, Griffin. Thank you for all the details you've shared with us. Which mining software are you using? I'll go through your other videos to try to find that out, if you've covered that in some of them. I'd appreciate if you could help me out with setting up the mining software. I've made an e-wallet. Now researching the next steps. Thank you once again and best of luck, Griffin! 🙂

  3. Mining was great in past years but for now situation is really hard for the whole mining industry (even bitmain and all cloud services like hashflare) are in toruble right now. And all of this due to low btc

  4. I want $3 worth Ethereum can you transfer to my wallet ? I can pay you using PayPal

  5. hello everyone !!! can anyone help me with error code 43 video card? THANKING anyonehelp me have here ,me skype (manmarius1)

  6. Which mining software are you using?

  7. Your GPU is way to slow and suck.

  8. Призм самая лучшая валюта для парамайнинга. А команда паровоз призм вам в этом поможет

  9. prepare to hop back to ETH 🙂

  10. So even with almost free electricity this seems to be a total waste of time and money. Wonderful. So the reason most people continue to mine is because they think the price will eventually rise substantially?

  11. where are now geographically?

  12. Nice information regarding ethereum

  13. I really appreciate your help with this.

  14. You're definitely bringing a honest assessment of the mining space for those who are in North America. By and large people who are growing their rig hardware holdings are those who have free electricity through a dorm or shared electricity billing arrangement and are buying their hashing hardware used. There may be opportunities for miners who are quick to jump into smaller coins on infrequently used algorithms but those are few and far between. For now it's a good exercise in getting hands on with a process that was at the heart of the history of crypto!

  15. I mined about 1 ethereum back in early 2018 but stopped when the prices plummeted. I kept hearing it was going to come to a Proof of Stake system, did that ever happen or is it going to?

  16. For GPUs, you should try mining ethash coin + zilliqa at The best profit ever!

  17. Thanks a lot Patricia for referring me to Cryptonic Nix, I'm forever grateful to you.
    I think it's better you all contact him for your Bitcoin mining software which generates about $200 worth of btc. contact him at

  18. But what about energy use? I don't see that in your spreadsheet, running 3 GPUs(did I get that right?) sure drains lots of electricity.

  19. Only two coins mined after almost a year? Would it not have been cheaper just to buy two coins at the price presented before buying the mining rig, electricity cost, etc…?

  20. Stop Collecting Cans yields a higher Return.

  21. Idk man I’ve got one 1070TI and it’s making 80 cents a day without electricity costs