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Bitcoin Bounces Back!!! NEO: Ethereum WILL Overtake Bitcoin?!? TRON Responds to Accusations

#Bitcoin bounces again! Will this market cycle play out just like the earlier? Eric Zhang of $NEO thinks $ETH will overtake $BTC, $TRX responds to current accusations! Malaysian rules, Vontobel financial institution custody.

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1:48 Markets 🚀
four:20 Bitcoin backside is in?!?
9:11 Market cycles?
9:56 Will Woo prediction:
10:30 Crypto cycles rebuttal:
13:20 Swiss crypto watch:
14:18 Ethereum Basic (ETC) hacker returns funds?
15:16 Tron (TRX) criticism:
17:44 Tron Official assertion:
22:06 Ripple (XRP) says banks transfer to xRapid?
23:36 😂 XRP CLASSIC?!?
24:10 Æternity (AE) x weiDEX:
24:53 Excessive Efficiency Blockchain (HPB) AMA:
25:14 Eric Zhang (NEO) Interview:
31:37 Malaysian crypto rules:
32:49 Miners offended over electrical energy hike:
34:25 Russia Information Faux?
35:16 Authentic article:
37:19 Vontobel Financial institution to add crypto answer:
37:45 Cryptocurrency legislation corporations:
39:01 👕 Giveaway Winner 🚀

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Watch this video once more as a result of it is superior:

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  2. You're part of the stake mob now. 😉

  3. The best investment I ever did in my life was with CROPYMINE on Instagram, I bought my dream car, so happy

  4. Crypto Beatles ads = FUCKING ANNOYING. Shove that poodle up your fucking ass. Next bitconeeeeect

  5. keep up the great work crypto zombbbbbbbbbbbbieeeeeee

  6. Even though you said you weren’t saying either way, you came across as defending Tron to me. Do you own any Tron? 👎

  7. can anyone tell me decentralized all coins list please

  8. Ok, so you want to measure pain? A good place to start might be that poll taken and the percentage in the 75% lost category. Cheers

  9. QQ is a copy of ICQ … Baidu is a copy of Google … WeChat is a copy of Whatsapp …
    There is no question about that.

  10. is anoyone talkin' about the fact the dudes who own the NYSE ave applied to tha SEC to run a Crypto exchange.. Will they ever re-open eh.. lol Am a sixe XL bro 🙂 keep up the great work! Blessed love from Eire

  11. 2013, 14, 14, 16 had tiny main stream exposure compared to 2017, 18. I believe the time frames will be at least halved due to the massive growth and exposure in the space.

  12. Nothing will ever overtake btc….. ever.

  13. Ripple Cash Classic Gold Private Diamond Dark SV (Shit Version) is being released soon and is going to DA MOON!!!

  14. I have such a hard time understanding this guys English. Maybe because of his way of blending sarcasm in his dialogue. Also he says "no yea & yea no" then he talks so fast. Does any other non English speaking people have a hard time understanding him? It's definitely a strange dialect.

  15. Love the intro!Scary accurate!😂😂😂

  16. sry i dont use twitter ,… Cryptopia been hacked,…..question , ( yellow laught) ,…are you still in after a hack ? …..) ( we dont know how much 'they' lost but they say its significant,….) ,…i think more Ledger will be sold

  17. Massive pump? Really? What are you talking about? These are normal market moves. Unless you are margin trading 3 – 10% moves are jack.

  18. XRP Classic…. even looks like bitconnect lol

  19. Shirt please. Love your video content no matter how long they are

  20. 😂😂😂 Absolutely brilliant intro!

  21. Tshirt come to me😀 …xrp go away 😝

  22. Genius intro, K-Dub! 😀 Without any TA involved, Jan 26 – Feb. 2 looks like an interesting date range. No prediction. Just interesting that that time frame will basically match the ATH of Nov-Dec 2013, and the next Lows of mid-Jan. 2015. And by then we'll also know whether or not Bitcoin ends Down for Six Months Straight for the first time. Will history rhyme exactly, closely, a little or not at all? Time will tell. Enjoy the ride!

  23. Were going back to $3200. If we fall below $3100, we’re going down to $1400. BTC may be a hyper wave.

    I’m sticking it out for 40 years. 3 years? What are you TALKING ABOUT!?!?!?

    Don’t forget the kid who kicked himself in a tweet crying about selling BYC at $14. BTC was at like $20 at the time of his tweet.

    Don’t be an idiot. Even if you sell the next $55k top, we’ll probably never see another $3k BTC. The next bottom will likely be $6-11k.

    Don’t ever sell all your coins. Sell half. Keep the other half. Best profits may be realized here.

    Toodles 💰💰

  24. I’ll bet $10,000 Apple has hot and maybe even cold-storage crypto wallets on the iWatch in 5 yrs. Anyone taking this bet?

  25. Liked and sub’d. Longer vids, pls 🙏🏻

  26. Nice intro man, I could watch a few more episodes.

  27. OMG I love the videos you are putting up! I still really really would love a crypto zombie t-shirt also!

  28. I think I will start a coin name crypto animal tamer and call it the CAT coin!

  29. Tron is the Donald Trump of Crypto!!! It could replace all fiat and people would complain about the useless paper money that`s littering the world! The haters see no accomplishments!!