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$TRX Tron Cryptocurrency Review (Ethereum Developer's Review!)

This Tron cryptocurrency evaluate has been a very long time coming. Tron (TRX) is a cryptocurrency that could be a competitor for Ethereum and EOS and has lately launched the Tron Mainnet and fully-functional delegated proof of stake. As an Ethereum developer, I give my tackle Tron as a challenge and my outlook for Tron in 2019. Tron was created by Justin Solar and crew of Tron builders which are looking for to vary the way in which we use the web, making the open web all of us envision.

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  1. Welcome to the Tron Community.

  2. Please check out New York coin . They are already being used around the world

  3. what the best way to get some tron? any help would be much appreciated

  4. I just like Tron because it is super easy to use and earn staking rewards. Its kinda like owning an expensive mining farm.

  5. I am actually selling XRP and buying trx…….

  6. Very good video – about time someone gets the real out there!

  7. DigiByte is my diamond plucked from the garbage altcoin pick as well as Tron.

  8. I'm still not a believer, why copy eth when even eth says they aren't anywhere close to being ready for mass adoption? Why not just make something new, unless you can't, which I believe is the case with tron.

  9. as an investor, i expect to see a certain level of maturity from a project and a "CEO" who manages millions of dollars of investors money. Tron simply lacks that.

  10. How much were you paid to give this review?

  11. no, you were right the first time. later!

  12. I watched video in which the host was joined by a developer who used a device to check Tron code as provided by GitHub. According to his analysis, Tron had something like 400+ days of bugs to resolve. As a developer, you must be able to see the same bugs in the code. You spoke of governance, gimmicks, etc., but you did not drill down on apparently snowballing problems in the code. Why doesn't Tron take these code bugs seriously? According to one critic, Tron has used a "cut & paste" method of developing it code. This apparently is common among the thousands of projects out there, but Tron has been promoted by the great marketing leader, Justin Sun, to its present top ten status, and few have warned of a lax attitude about fixing these alleged, numerous bugs. You mentioned Tron was a bit slow to address some structural issues. Does Tron need an overhaul in its developer leadership?

  13. It is a load of garbage, they copied the white paper and ethereums code…

  14. Accumulating BTC since 2012… Got in on the ground floor with LTC & TrX (for speed) iOST & ZIL (for scalability) NCASH & TNB (for time travel and slaves)… Just bought another 100,000,000 HOT NPXS & DENT (for resource buybacks and mining FOR information is knowledge and KNOWLEDGE is POWER) each @12 & @28 sats… Invest with confidence and patience… They WILL ALL 100x – 1000x by 2020! 😉 HODL

  15. On my way to over 1 million frozen Tron TRX. I pay my car payment every month with my frozen divs. This tech understand people and incentivizes people to get into the market

  16. TRON is garbage 100% , marketing scam PUMP and DUMP , Crypto Chico is on point to many shills out there

  17. Thank you for this, I've been searching so long for a video like this…
    Also, I'm happy you're no longer dealing with GAS!

  18. Have you seen Chico crypto’s video on the review of trons code? Can you comment on why they are so negative on Tron? This would give us all more insight who are not on the coding level.

  19. Proof of stake… the dumbest idea ever.

  20. democracy is shit… so…. (mob rule is not a good governance model)

  21. Tron almost have the full package, a working product developers can use and some good marketing from Justin Sun to drive awareness..however the recent Bit Torrent ICO I'm not convinced about, that seemed like a money grab for Tron and Binance.

  22. Based on your optimism I started to work through the documentation and tutorials but after various failures I found that documentation to be very outdated, for example Tron Studio is deprecated but is used in the tutorials. Am I missing something? Where is the most accurate up-to-date documentation?

  23. can you do a video on wallets like exodus and all?

  24. What is up is that someone is keeping tron in a 8 to 10 point range at buy and sell. that is what is up.
    Looks like the futures fix is in.

  25. This video should be the warning to all you crypto kiddies who listen to some random MFing dude sitting in his tight whites while in his bedroom giving crypto advise. Now you are behind the curve on investing in Tron and he probably already bought up some before making this video. What's the lesson here kiddies? DO YOUR OWN HOMEWORK AND STOP LISTENING TO THESE TALKING HEADS ON YOU TUBE. Need more evidence? WASSO WASSO WASSO WAAAAAAASSSSUPPPPPP BITCONNECT!

  26. If you're a developer I am a wizard! And get that NASA shirt off! It won't make you look smarter!

  27. Checkout BeatzCoin. It will launch in April or May on the Tron platform. Working project and real use and will inneragrate wit BitTorrent. They have a application in for Binance Launchpad for after their project is up and running.

  28. No…you were rt the 1st time..tron is a load of garbage.
    Never doubt yourself again!!!

  29. TRX and USDT-TRON are going to be 40% of my portfolio guys..

  30. Let me know when it stays at $0.2 for a week!

  31. Great – just get rid of the Freemason, serpent tounged NASA shirt. In exchange for all our tax money we get NASA: Never A Straight Answer!

  32. This project just keeps proving itself over and over….cream always comes to the top….BULLISH ON TRX FOR 2019!

  33. why are you wearing NASA hoodie? think usdt pull tron higher

  34. Bullish on Tron … very bullish if I could afford 1 million Tron I would buy that much … I think it’s unvalued … $3 in 2019

  35. Xvg as a privacy coin thought was garabage but now it has merits … so can you do an XVG video thanks

  36. First Tron needs to get rid of these scamming devs with their trondapps claiming "sustainable cashflow etc.etc."

  37. Someone plz send me 1 trx

  38. HOLD IT. Hold it for the next five to ten years!!!

  39. I got 20k trons, bought em for nothing for a few years ago… any point to keep it?

  40. Whats the different between TRC 10 vs TRC 20?

  41. CRO chain from! Can you make a video about that ?