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Ethereum's Constantinople Hard Fork Explained! Do You Need to Do Anything to Be Prepared?

Ethereum’s Constantinople Hard Fork is schedule for Block #7,080,000 which is roughly Jan. 16, 2019. Which means it’s coming VERY quickly! On this video I’ll clarify very clearly what you want to know, what you want to do (if something), when you get free (forked) cash, and so on.

Subjects lined:
– Ethereum Constantinople in a nutshell
– Ethereum broader roadmap (Frontier, Homestead, Metropolis, Serenity)
– Ethereum Enchancment Proposals (EIPs) included
– Frequent questions answered (will block time, charges, and so on. change?)
– What’s subsequent for Ethereum? (ProgPoW, Casper, Sharding, and so on.)

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  1. Who's excited and READY for Ethereum's long planned Constantinople hard fork?

  2. Yay finally!! Been waiting for this hard fork for a while!

  3. Good updates for the team vitalik The first system Ethereum will change it and bring confidence back to users waiting for a surprise from him soon

  4. POS won't be till the end of year, this is why TRON is giving them a run for their CODE.

  5. too bad, no free coins then I guess lol. Btw what about that difficulty bomb? what is that supposed to do? I didn't really get that tbh, I am a noob after all 😉

  6. What if [you] have ETH on Paper Wallet[s]??

  7. So much for immutability, ethereum is centralized.

  8. Really excellent explanation thank you!!!

  9. Smartest scammers on the planet these quants….

  10. so if no free coins what happens to the etherium that i hold on an exchange does it go to zero do i need to sell if i dont receive the new hard forked coins im kinda lost and didnt understand the whole hard fork situation even after watching the video can uou help clarify for me please thanks

  11. It will definitely be interesting to see what happens after.

  12. So what if I own eth in a wallet. Otherwise on a exchange will those coins still be valid?

  13. Good done mate. No blah. Thank you.

  14. Is this final? No free coin? What are the benefits of ethereum hodler after the hardfork?

  15. more of the same dives please

  16. Liked+subscribed. Perfect vid.

  17. Yes you must sell and buy XRP

  18. What about the price after the hard fork ?

  19. How come my exchange Cryptopia is telling me to put it in my wallet if nothing is going to change?

  20. Delayed! Prices are BEARING ALL THE WAY DOWN

  21. Have you heard of MOAC? The seem to have a pretty robust blockchain for devs to build decentralized, secure, and scalable DAPPs.

  22. pos = piece of shit

  23. Thank you for the useful video ! Wanna ask you, did you hear about DeepOnion coin? Found it a few days ago and it seems to be perspective for invest. Maybe you can give me advice 🙂

  24. Kevin I just finished watching most of an hour-long video on Constantinople and you answered all my Qs + more in 7 minutes. Those folks – who shall remain nameless – didn't answer any of my questions [frown] and often went off topic. Thx and keep up the awesome vids! Btw, I believe Constantinople is happening 2/25.

  25. All I know is coinbase stole all my ETC… so I'm not sure why they wouldnt just steal this also.