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Ethereum, Tron & Whales Accumulating XRP!

Ethereum & Tron Good points – Whales Accumulating XRP

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– Tron Evaluation –

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Disclaimer: I’m not a monetary adviser and this isn’t monetary recommendation.

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  1. water bottle art lol, great video

  2. XRP = MANIPULATION + fraud + HYPE + PUMP and dump + centralize & controlled + SPECULATION.
    1. When XRP rises by 10% (due to pump – assumption) whales can easily make millions in a relatively short time assuming theN start dumping.
    2. OTC Transactions: Big amount of transactions has no impact of price. Later whales are dumping in retail market.
    3. SEC declaration: SEC will keep delaying their decision on XRP.
    4. All the xrp utubers are clown & joker coz their EOY 2018 prediction were wrong. Don't trust them at all. All rubbish.
    5. At least one major bank will use Xrapid by EOY 2018 – CEO Ripple (Brad). It is 2019 & no major bank is using Xrapid. What a lie & fraud.
    6. Huge/massive news/adoption will not increase XRP price. XRP will go up if BTC go up. XRP price increase entirely depends on BTC.
    Conclusion: XRP will not touch at 1 dollar mark in EOY 2019.

  3. I really liked the white parts of the new logo. They should have just left those bits only….

  4. ? Who knew the people over at the SV team were so artistically gifted ??‍♂️

  5. hahahah. dont to daytrade 😀

  6. i was going to buy bitcoin sv, but instead i bought PINK coin because it clearly has better fundamentals

  7. OMGGG!!! LMAOOO!!! Oh look.. ? ? It took a whole creative team to create this original, unique, artistic creation, modern design, expansive vision of the Altcoin ….? the Bitcoin SV logo… it’s…. wait for it…. waitttt…. it’s….? no longer italic!!! ????????

  8. make a video about Holochain!!!

  9. I would rather eat dog shit than buy SV

  10. HAHAHA It's no longer Italic! :p hehehehhee

  11. Its A New brand Copy LoGo For Bitcoin Sticky Vigina..??

  12. Beethoven and Shakespeare were artists… 😛

  13. Bitcoin SV is trash let’s stop talking about it

  14. Thanks for bringing me back to the 80s. I had completely forgotten about Alphaville, Forever Young Did heir video predict ETH or were they time travelers?

  15. hahahha more dub overs….genius

  16. yes! warmed me chuckles this one

  17. I watched the Buffet part so many times… way too funny

  18. The Warren buffet skit was hilarious.. And the new btc sv logo is even more hilarious that they think it's ground breaking

  19. Ripple dumps XRP on you. Don't friggen buy it. It's too expensive already.

  20. are you mispronouncing Buffet on purpose or what…

  21. bullshit))) all of them crashed

  22. Bitcoin etc will never come back. How can you talk about warren buffet badly. He is what you call a real investor. Your just speculating. Btc etc will go to zero there is no way back up again.