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Bitcoin PATTERN & Target | Ethereum Technical Analysis, ETH Breakout??

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Bitcoin Technical Evaluation & Bitcoin Information Immediately: On this video I am going to make some technical evaluation on the Ethereum (ETH) value. additionally, is the Bitcoin head & shoulders sample going to play out? I am going to use technical evaluation on the Bitcoin value to make a Bitcoin value prediction. Watch the video to be taught extra!

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  2. This uptrend is not fake, until proven otherwise, so the bear boys here, be quiet until we see more.

  3. The Moon, What are your opinions on the Gandhiji Ethereum smart contract ? Its a unstoppable and immutable smart contract on eth. Has no owner , no admins , Nothing in the smart contract code can be changed. Basically the smart contract has its own token called IND . The tokens are created when eth is sent to the contract and destroyed when the tokens are sold back for eth. Each buy has a 10% fee and that fee is split up among all the token holders as rewards for holding the IND tokens. Anyone from anywhere in the world can interact with the smart contract as long as they have metamask. I have a video about it posted on my channel.

  4. Everyone who's done business online will experience those issues from PayPal. We have a few years back and it really was a headache for a bit.

  5. btc will move side ways in couple months

  6. Forget the haters Carl. Your videos are on point and I watch them every morning! Keep up the good work!

  7. For some reason I feel like history won’t repeat itself this time. And will see a bull run spring 2019

  8. Bitcoin continues to move sideways and down.
    My silver and gold, God's money, continues to go uppa,uppa,uppa!

  9. I listened to your video yesterday, and you were very thorough in explaining that we have to COMPLETE this current pattern before thinking into bullish opportunities. Good job Carl..

  10. Lower highs. New descending triangle.

  11. Who is this guy??? Lol i am laughing my ass off, if there is ppl that trades based on this “thing” videos needs their heads checked!!!!! Why is ur moon green???? Nothing to do with islam???

  12. Don't sweat the haters Carl's. Normal people dont understand that ta is about being prepared for certain moves rather than ms cleoing the future

  13. Great job .only channel left who is honest and not promoting any coins .
    I loved coin mastery t.v. .
    But he is gone , no more uplouds

  14. The fact is you have called for the lower price. I agree, thus I wait!!!!(-

  15. And you called it ad it looked like BTC was mooning!!!

  16. Don’t let the trolls get to you. Carl your og followers know you call it how it is and make your views very clear. Since you can’t I will. Fuck em. Cheers 🍻

  17. Cheers mate. Happy New Year to all 🌊 🍾🌙

  18. Can someone please help??? I have never used bitcoin but I got a physical coin in the mail this morning and I don’t know what to do with it. There was nothing else in there other than the coin.

  19. Paypal…fiat payment system with handsome fee's attached…..Bitcoin scares them

  20. You really are special yo, taking the time out to teach people…after you've taught them, taught them, taught them, and stressed the rules lol. Respect.

  21. You re a good commentator , please don’t care about idiots 👍👍

  22. Hey carl, how do you feel about forex?

  23. hey carl, it's nice to see you check the comments left, I don't comment on YT as I always assume it's not really checked, but seeing as you are, please accept my thanks for your pinpoint TA clear and always very thorough in your explanations you even went into examples from previous PA,, yesterday's video was really crystal clear about your points and you made sure to remain grounded and provided a good walkthrough to your reasonings. 
    keep up the good work.

     PS I have no idea what you actually are saying when you intro videos though, you begin by saying if you think that sound interesting then i think you should definitely. @!?$! this video…… i also enjoy your ending sign off, see you in the video TOMORRROW.

  24. Don’t let those commenters get your head, they obviously don’t know shit, the fact that you lay out multiple scenarios and can change your stance is a good thing, you only change your position when there’s enough evidence to support it, that is only logical, you gotta be willing to change your position day to day if you want to be right day to day, the people who don’t understand that are just upset Because they lost money by misunderstanding your content, that’s not your fault Carl, that’s theirs, keep up the good work, do you, let the noobs learn on their own how valuable your videos are

  25. What your thoughts on a double top possibly forming on ETH ?

  26. FinBrain provides future predictions for more than 6000 financial assets using Deep Learning models, you can visit our website for more and become and early adopter of this technology.

  27. Some ppl say btc will hit the $1000 level some others say it will pass 4k.. only God knows 😂

  28. Don't sweat the people who make idiotic comments because they lost and are jealous of smart money. You see these kinds of haters in backjack tables all the time, too dumb to understand it's a game of chance.

    Btw, do you not think market dynamics looks just like December 2017-January 2018? Except inverted? Last year, there were a bunch of dumb money buying at the top, now we are seeing (for many markets) a maximal amount of money in short positions. In both that time and this time, price is trading sideways, and with GREAT volatility. History teaches many lessons, but most people can't find use for the past (data) because they can't draw the necessary link to see the relevance of that data (analogy making).

  29. Hacen el Prof of Keys para que la gente compre bitcoins y retiren los bitcoins de los exchanges para que tengan custodia de sus bitcoins lo cual no veo nada malo. Lo que si veo lo malo es que la gente o los organizadores (elites) hace noticia de esto (Prof of keys) e incentiva a la gente a comprar bitcoins y sacarlos el 3 de enero. Ahora bitcoin cuesta $3895 en el; momento que escribo esto. Las elites los que organizan esto hacen que la gente retiren sus bitcoins de los exchanges, la única forma de sacar bitcoins es teniendo uno, y para tener bitcoins hay que comprarlos. Esta noticia me llama la atención me pregunto cuantas personas harán eso, cuantos compraran para sacarlos de los exchanges, incentivan a los que tienen en tether o fiat (dollar) a que se cambien a bitcoin. Ya que a lo mejor las "elites" (cuando digo elites me refiero a la gente inteligente , a la gente que tiene verdadero conocimiento de mercados, las grandes capitales, socios y etc) como digo, ellos quieren que no mantengas en fiat o tether y compres bitcoins, la única forma de hacer esto es por medio de campañas o proyectos como este (Prof of keys). Yo en lo personal no lo veo malo, pero si no estas dispuesto a ver bitcoin por debajo de $2835 no hay nesecidad de hacer algo así de comprar bitcoins a $3895 para simplemente tener las llaves privadas. Ahora como se que bitcoin caerá por debajo de $2835? Simple hay varios métodos, el precio no ha tocado el 200 weekly average, y para que toque fondo tiene que estar por debajo de este indicador. Otro método el cual lo veo lógico es que si tienen cuenta en Binance se darán cuenta que el precio de bitcoin se registra desde $2835 lo cual me da a entender una vez que el precio baje de este numero mucha gente entrará en pánico. Todo el mundo habla de comprar bitcoin en $3000 , es un numero redondo, bitcoin si tocará $3000 pero seguirá bajando. Hay que pensar y analizar como las grandes entidades están moviendo en este mercado pequeño. Este mensaje no es para que yo incentivo miedo ni nada de eso. Es para que la gente se de cuenta que bitcoin puede caer a números que nunca han pensado. Yo en lo personal no me sorprendería ver bitcoin por debajo de $1000 eso es otro debate, solo recuerda esto, el bottom estará cerca cuando la esperanza de subida se haya acabado, cuando la mayoría odie a bitcoin, cuando el dinero bobo venda y salga del mercado y las redes sociales lo tachen de la peor inversion de la historia, cuando la mayoría de youtubers que hablen del bitcoin vean que sus suscriptores se describan del canal. Hay muchos aspectos, por ejemplo Litecoin fue anunciado ante cientos de miles de personas por tv en UFC ayer 29 de diciembre, ustedes creen que pusieron el logo de Litecoin para que toda la masa que vio Litecoin por tv haga plata? claro que no, vuelvo y repito piensen como piensan las peces gordos, saludos .

  30. This guy says breakout in every video…never says which way or % chance.

  31. Dont sweat the haters Karl. Your doing a great job. Good job on the subscriptions!

  32. Mike have done a great job in the trading community …..he's mining process keeps bring huge profit