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Why 2019 is a Big Year for Crypto ( Bitcoin , XRP & Ethereum )

Why 2019 is a Big Year for Crypto (Bitcoin, XRP & Ethereum)
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  1. My friend Jacques said that the bitte coin is in the bottom. 😉

  2. You can already use Lightning on a Bitcoin mainnet, there are thousands of nodes operating, some merchants (Blockstream, Bitrefill, Coingate processor) already accepting it. But there is still a lot to do in UI/UX front. But there will not be some single release, as there are multiple different implementations (for example, LND and c-lightning).

  3. Hodling til 2030 boys!

  4. Wow not one mention of cardano, I'm impressed, lol

  5. Thanks for finally revealing the scammer Bitcoin Fund Manager! He's a grown-up Criminal !!! Unfortunately, I have to admit that I was that stupid (and greedy) to trust him with my money. He managed to loos 50% of my account from October 2017 to mid-January 2018. Fu**ing unbelievable.
    I'm a big fan of your youtube ART since the beginning. Thank you for being here.

  6. possible bull in second half of 2019

  7. Love your info, pls come and take a look in our community's, see what you think, your opinion and thoughts would be hugely appreciated

  8. SELL those fucking XRPs and buy BTC

  9. HahahaaXXD Bear markets are joke! Start buying before it bounce HajajaaXDXD

  10. Oh shut the fuk up…. how your buy order you canceled at 3250 🙂 hoping to go lower

  11. You actually look iller that Vitalik. Have a lie down.

  12. Zippie; very cheap hot alt, lol. BUYBUYBUY

  13. Wer nicht investiert hat unter 2018 mus steuer zahlen für immer! So ist es,sorry?

  14. 2019 will be a big year of going sideways

  15. thank you hope you got also a nice Christmas. and LOL your dream ripple on spot 1 … ^^ maybe because overpriced pump, but after that day it shall dump to place 1000 where it belongs

  16. What’s the best platform to buy bitcoin?

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  18. Buy apollo now or you will regret later baby .
    Apl ???

  19. If you are for the movement: pleas read.

    I m a customer at @t and @t
    I was checking my adress of my coins on the blockchain. This was 3 weeks ago. I saw that my coins were moving around from my adress to a different adress. So i panick out and called the customer service. The told me that as long as i have my funds stored inside there exchange the are allowed to move to coins. So i told him that i realy dont like this what the are doing. Thinking now back this is the reason the value of the coins are going down. This exchanges cordinate together and just are selling the first buy of a customer on a higher price to someone who is coming day after on a lower price. That way this exchanges dont need to buy coins to fill up there stock. I have taken out al my funds from the exchanges. And i hope a lot more people do . That way the cant fool around with our coins and the need to buy again. That way we would get higher. So in my opinion we will rise with prices if al people just take there coins out of this exchanges. You have a ipad, you have a pc you have a laptop you have a mobile you have a usb you have pencil and paper. You have so many options to take your coins out and take them in your own privacy. But people just let them on exchanges. This are mostly people who bought in just for the fudd and cuz the prices fall down , the dont know what to do with there coins and leave it at exchanges. And the dont understand the are helping the exchanges set the price lower. I think there is a long way til people understand what it is to have your own privacy and own rules on your own money. The are stil in slave mode and dont change with the revolution.

    thnks for reading and i hope you participat with the movement of taking the coins out of exchanges yousing it or just taking it out and saving it somewere so you have your own keys. And not leaving them at exchanges so this hole market gets rapedd bye this fukers who take advantage of the situation

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  21. Thanks a lot for the information !! .. This is great

    I'm going to combine it with the signals I'm taking to improve my results

  22. This is a good year to purchase more crypto as the stock market crashes. It will take time for investors from the stock market to adopt crypto as it is very volatile.

  23. Can you make a top 10 low cap coins that's undervalued ?

  24. Bye bye bitcoin .. Hello number 2