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What Happened To Ethereum In 2018? – 2019 Price Prediction

Shifting on as we glance across the cryptocurrency house, we come to Ethereum. What occurred? The place are we going? What’s the value prediction in 2019?


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  1. How is your baby doing bro

  2. Ethereum Alliance has hundreds of the largest companies, governments, banks working directly with Ethereum developers tailoring the platform to their business needs. There are perhaps thousands more corporations not listed to have committed to using Ethereum for their blockchain needs. All other smart contract platforms combined don't come anywhere close to this. EOS, NEO, TRON and Vechain have exactly zero large companies committed to using them. Justin Sun "partnerships" do not count, nor do bs Vechain fraud "partnerships". NEO is working with nobody because it's garbage and the initial fraud tweet stating they were working with the Chinese government is bullshit. Ethereum will have a multi trillion dollar marketcap eventually. The price knock down and scare tactics about the failure of Ethereum scaling have done well to drive the dumb money into giving up on Ethereum as intended. The truth is all the garbage smart contract platforms have yet to scale either. Eventually they will have to solve the same problems Ethereum is solving right now. My guess is Ethereum has already figured out how to scale but have been instructed to keep it quiet as large companies have to accumulate the token. The only other smart contract platform I have faith in is Cardano. Unfortunately it's years out from anything substantial and Hoskinson is a bit of a dick, untrustworthy and hard to work with. The game will be over by the time they produce a product.

  3. Vitalik said Etherium will not survive based on POW ( waste of energy)and hosting many rubbish ICO’s in the future. I will not buy Etherium cos everyone waiting to dump it as soon as it goes up

  4. What are your fib. settings? Thanks in advance for sharing!

  5. YourAltcoins , What are your opinions on the Gandhiji Ethereum smart contract ? Its a unstoppable and immutable smart contract on eth. Has no owner , no admins , Nothing in the smart contract code can be changed. Basically the smart contract has its own token called IND . The tokens are created when eth is sent to the contract and destroyed when the tokens are sold back for eth. Each buy has a 10% fee and that fee is split up among all the token holders as rewards for holding the IND tokens. Anyone from anywhere in the world can interact with the smart contract as long as they have metamask. I have a video about it posted on my channel.

  6. ATH coming in 2019 easy, then 10x from there