Tuesday , June 2 2020
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Ethereum Raiden Network "Alpha" Is Active – 1 Million Transactions Per Second

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  1. blockchains that require bolt ons, we will see how long this lasts lol, what a joke.

  2. there are just so many this and that network, and nothing works …

  3. Does the rdn token mean anything in all this????

  4. So you make the price of ETH and RDN move up 😛

  5. That's amazing news for ethereum , like to see the news this week coming for XRP to hold 2nd position. Goo crypto.😁😁

  6. I was wondering why the 20% hike in price

  7. So – time to setup Red Eyes alongside my Lightning nodes ? Party on ! Can't wait until we can atomic swap ETH based tokens on side chains with BTC/LTC – one for 2019 i guess

  8. Brah ima need more than 12 minutes of tmi on a sunday! Dont leave us hanging

  9. Raiden was also powerful in Big Trouble in Little China..

  10. Why is xrp tether 36.7cents. Xrp pax 37 cents????????

  11. You called it, you said they were going to wait until the end of the year.

  12. Others sacrificing decentralization for speed. Ethereum team could have accomplished that easily. So-called competition would face similar hurdles if eliminatiion of centralization was a baked-in necessity. Decentralization is the Rosetta stone. Difficult.

  13. Meanwhile omg is still yelling "Rock year 2018" 😔😔…..

  14. It's time for these projects to put up or shut up.

  15. Credits is already achieving over 1 million tps!

  16. Will OMG benefit from Raiden??

  17. Sounds like a disaster waiting to happen and a one way ticket to second layer centralization full of flaws…… Just like lightning.

  18. 2019 starting to look very promising

  19. Thats how ETH performs with just one news out, imagine if more news are out about ETH?

  20. 1.0M per second is a nice round number. I'm a little sceptical tbh.

  21. I thought it was the raider network☠️

  22. eth will be back to $80 after this hype

  23. Is this a token other than Eth?

  24. Bought as many as i could at $85

  25. Thanks for your work, have a fabulous Christmas, 🙂

  26. Thanks for your videos TMI! Much appreciation! Very well spoken.

  27. How high u think eth could hit in the newyear

  28. Ugh I missed the bottom! I’m fucked 😏

  29. 1 million?! haha like rly? its doin 15 per second now and the fastest systems in the world arent even 6 digit… like do u believe in it?

  30. All talk and its too late. Its been 2 years and all Raiden Network have is an alpha with no proof or audits. Meanwhile Credits (CS) is pure blockchain, theres no offchain involved whatsoever, and its already capable of over 1 million tps, with proof, audits and diverse mass adoption including fortune 500 companies.

  31. ethereum: 950 June 2019, 2000 August 2019, 5000 October 2019, 20,000 February 2020. Dont beleive me if you dont want to but im just having it on record 🙂