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Ethereum Will Fork in January 2019!

For extra movies on methods to construct decentralized functions on The Ethereum Blockchain:


How one can Construct Ethereum Dapp (Decentralized Software Improvement Tutorial)

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  1. Avoid. Too much of this nonsense with Ethereum. BTC and Cardano. Fuck everything else.

  2. Does it make it
    Because I stay away from anything to do with Eth.

  3. Do I have to do anything to my eth stored in exodus?

  4. this dude sounds like giving advices to developers funny.

  5. Ethereum has no limited quantity.

  6. Would love to see a tutorial on Substrate for building Polkadot parachains

  7. Would love to see a tutorial on Substrate for building Polkadot parachains

  8. hi,Could you explain what should exchange do for the coming eth hard fork? Im very confused.

  9. Sad they didn't improve tx/s

  10. If I keep my eth on coinbase at the time of the fork, will it duplicate the coins automatically? Thanks and great video

  11. Dapp university , What are your opinions on the Gandhiji Ethereum smart contract ? Its a unstoppable and immutable smart contract on eth. Has no owner , no admins , Nothing in the smart contract code can be changed. Basically the smart contract has its own token called IND . The tokens are created when eth is sent to the contract and destroyed when the tokens are sold back for eth. Each buy has a 10% fee and that fee is split up among all the token holders as rewards for holding the IND tokens. Anyone from anywhere in the world can interact with the smart contract as long as they have metamask. I have a video about it posted on my channel.

  12. Would it be a good idea to trade the ethereum hard fork? What i mean is buy it when it is added and then sell a few days later. With bitcoin sv it was low at the start and then in a few days it doubled in value…will it be the same with the ethereum hard fork?

  13. If your idea is to inform those who are new, you should work on your language.

  14. Let’s talk about KARMA on your channel. First blockchain social network on ETH or EOS 🙂

  15. i heard they will reduce 30% of total supply

  16. Let's just hope Etherium has any value by then…

  17. Hey ETC is the original blockchain. The rest who cares

  18. dude. stop moving your hands.

  19. give this guy a like, it doesn't cost you anything

  20. Thanks helpful. So buy all ETH yes? Lol

  21. Will the new ethereum hard fork result in new coins?

  22. Can you STOP talking like THIS because IT is really ANNOYING and pretty HARD to listen to when you emphazie every few words. otherwise nice info

  23. I just want to know …. does that mean I will have two ETHs instead of 1 after the hard fork??? just like what happened to Bitcoin Cash? BCH and BSV

  24. Great info and content! keep it up. Thank you

  25. To your point around 1:25 about the upcoming hard fork being incremental and there not being much to disagree about, I'm going to have to disagree with you. Switching from pow to pos is a substantial network shift, as well as reducing block rewards for even the stakers needed to validate transactions. there is not a clear consensus in ethereum community as to which direction to take, miners are an under estimated force whose opinions are not always acknowledged by the public

  26. Do I need to move my ETH from my ledger Nano S because of the fork??

  27. The only thing most ppl want to know is are we going to get free coins or not?! Nobody seems to talk about that.

  28. you talk like you just hit a joint right before starting the video, it's really distracting. Stop drawing out your words so much.
    "I wanna know what yooooooooooooooouuuuuuuu think"
    "Leave a comment down beloooooooowwwwwww"
    fucking stop that shit

  29. Should i buy before the upgrade or just after ?

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