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Ethereum Q&A: Smart contracts and law ambiguity

Why is “sensible contract” a complicated time period? Are sensible contracts legally enforceable if folks do not perceive how they’re executed? May we make human-readable sensible contracts, reconciling the ambiguity of real-world law vs. code law?

Word: Apologies for the bizarre discoloration to start with of the video. I’m not positive what triggered it.

These questions are from the MOOC 10.6 session, which passed off on October 11th 2018. In order for you early-access to talks and an opportunity to take part within the month-to-month stay Q&As with Andreas, change into a patron:

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Andreas M. Antonopoulos is a technologist and serial entrepreneur who has change into one of the well-known and revered figures in bitcoin.

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He’s the writer of two books: “Mastering Bitcoin,” revealed by O’Reilly Media and thought of the most effective technical information to bitcoin; “The Web of Cash,” a e-book about why bitcoin issues.

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  2. Time to get a new camera, Andreas? Doesn't really matter though because it's your knowledge sharing that got us here.

  3. Hey can you please do a video showing step by step how to set up a Glacier Protocol? Or is ledger nano safe enough??

  4. Love the strange artefact at the beginning of the video

  5. Hi Andreas. Do you have a book/document that explains in great details how side-chains work? I'd like to learn that. I'm OK with paying to get that knowledge (I don't mean any disrespect, I just want to get the information in any way possible). I can't find this information anywhere on the net except shallowly. I'm looking for details that include an example of a transaction between two chains and everything around it. I already understand Bitcoin transactions very well. Thanks.

  6. celebrating holi a little earlier

  7. Actually, no government gang can prove jurisdiction, because no one actually signed a contract. Marc Stevens of the no-state project, does coaching over skype and has a very large track record of exposing this fact during many different court cases. He begins by having people say at their arraignment (before the trial), "I intend to plead guilty; has the prosecution provided any evidence of jurisdiction?" and they can't prove it, ever. All they can do is point to their laws, but the written law can't be proof of itself applying. The proof they have, and he has gotten some high up lawyers in the gang to admit this, is that they have an army of guys in costumes with guns and can throw you in cages; the reason they can't prove it, is because no one ever agreed to it; just being in a location doesn't mean you agree to be robbed or bossed around; it may be the nature of the people in that area, that they steal from people and boss them around, but that doesn't prove that they have jurisdiction over you, that just proves they are violent ignorant thugs. It is different in the military courts, because when you join the military, you sign a contract that gives the military court jurisdiction; and it can prove it, because it has your signature in writing that you agreed to it. But just being born or walking through an area doesn't give people the moral right to steal your stuff or boss you around.

  8. In Germany at least a bug in a smart contract would be handled like a failure of vending machine. That's what a lawyer told me and that's what they are according to their inventor Nick Szabo. So they are legally binding. If I advertise a smart contract to do X and it does Y and someone loses money over it he can go to court. And the judge will not care if the money is stuck in the vending machine and how you get it out. The judge will simply order you to replace the lost money.

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  13. What video do you talk about this oracle problem?

  14. I love your healthy skepticism!

  15. Thanks for your hard work and passion in this space. You always deliver the truth about cryptos.

  16. craig wright is wrong about andreas. The consensus is andreas is a truthful, helpful and always clear and complete in explinations