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#263 Justin Drake: Ethereum’s Audacious Roadmap to Build a True World Computer

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The Ethereum imaginative and prescient has all the time been to create a world laptop. However its scalability and efficiency limitations have meant that it has fallen far wanting that imaginative and prescient. But, work on scaling Ethereum has exploded in breadth and complexity over the previous years. From variants of PoS, to Plasma / Plasma Money, sharding, EWASM, BLS signatures, every little thing has been on the desk. Whereas complicated on the floor, beneath a coherent imaginative and prescient for a new Ethereum that can scale close to infinitely has emerged.

We have been joined by Ethereum Researcher Justin Drake to talk about the Ethereum Serenity imaginative and prescient, its core elements and the roadmap forward. A selected focus was the beacon chain, the position of randomness and Verifiable Delay Features.

Matters mentioned on this episode:
– Justin’s earlier mission constructing on prime of Open Bazaar
– Why he made the change from software improvement to Ethereum consensus analysis
– The high-level imaginative and prescient for Ethereum / Serenity
– The Ethereum Serenity roadmap to scaling the world laptop by 1m occasions
– The essential position of the beacon chain
– The distinction between Ethereum Serenity and Polkadot
– The position of randomness in making Ethereum Serenity work
– The constraints of current trustless sources of randomness
– How Verifiable Delay Features can be utilized to create higher randomness
– The Ethereum Basis plans to develop an open-source VDF ASIC

Hyperlinks talked about on this episode:
– DevCon4 Speak by Justin Drake about VDF & Randomness:
– DevCon4 Speak by Vitalik Buterin about Ethereum
– VDF Analysis:
– Minimal VDF randomness beacon – Sharding – Ethereum Analysis:
– Ethereum Mission:
– Two Level Oh: Explaining Validators:
– Two Level Oh: The Beacon Chain:

– Azure: Deploy enterprise-ready consortium blockchain networks that scale in simply a few clicks –

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Epicenter is hosted by Brian Fabian Crain, Sébastien Couture, Meher Roy & Sunny Aggarwal.

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  2. Today poured cash into ICO Telegram I hope at the end of this year I will drive Lambo)

  3. You should know that Telegram token is on sale on 1.3 dollars now! Many analysts predict it 100-200 dollars in 2019

  4. Ethereum Sharding is like the Ethereum DAO ICO – more holes than swiss cheese.

  5. Great interview, thanks to all

  6. Very interesting ! Amazing show ! What tool do you use to conduct the interviews? Hangouts ?

  7. Wow, interesting to see the Azure ad. The future is now. Congrats!

  8. I realized today that I had not seen your channel coming up on my front page recommendations. I should probably blame myself, as I deleted my google data. I'm glad I took the time to look for this latest video. As always I find your interviews very informative both in the questions asked and the insight that your guests share.

  9. Great show as always. And I appreciate if you would possibly create the video describes how to apply on exactly the business field. Such as global trade ecosystems, especially as a financial tool. Thank you.