Wednesday , May 27 2020
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Ethereum 2.0 is going to $1250. Here is why..

Vitalik Unveils ETHEREUM 2.0
It is a new model of ETH thats quick and makes use of POS.
Zooko talks Zcash
Erik Voorhees feedback on Ethereum 2.0

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  1. That poor guy needs a hamburger or something.

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  5. This is a good comparison chart between a couple of different blockchain 3.0 here:

  6. Stopping by 95 on its way ?

  7. Love all the negativity! Tells me all the dumb money is getting a final washout, keep it coming, hope prices fall steeply from here and we get rid of all these people and grow something real without them!

  8. Will you just SCALE already!

  9. In your opinion, do you still believe ETH is going to 1250? As we speak it is sitting at 90. Future doesn’t look very bright at this moment in time.

  10. and where it is right now? thats right below 100$

  11. You’ll be wrecked if you follow this guy’s advice.

  12. Will never be proof of stake. Impossible by design

  13. All the devs spit out all the same jargon and explain nothing lol what are you making blah blah blah dapps are trying to rehash whats been done and nothing new zzz boring

  14. The Mr. Burns walk to the mic was all time

  15. I’m taking this as financial advice

  16. hahahhaha 1 mil devs that was a lifetime best joke…..are they think they talking with kids(with special atention )

  17. But now price is Fery cheap …. $120 lol ?

  18. Someone needs to hunt this scum bag down and put several bullets through his head, video it and post it online.

  19. I love when people make price predictions ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️

  20. I have been successful all through last year into this one and not with that trend prediction you've got going on. I make weekly trades with Mr Dennis Mcneel. He's the real deal.

  21. Do I need to move my ETH from my ledger nano S in regards to the hard fork??

  22. Where in the fcking video is it mentioned ETH 2.0 to $1250?? Such a misleading title to increase views otherwise. Waste of my time!

  23. The crowd for Vitalik are so bleugh.
    Give the fucking genius a round of applause FFS!!!!

  24. The way to make blockchain technology more mainstream is to implement or embed code into browser extenstions and websites. Blockchain projects need partenerships with social media networks and companies who build search engines. And come on developers, while you are working with scientists and engineers to get the backend of the blockchain working, you have to really use your imaginations when trying to create an experience for the user where they have no clue they are transacting with a blockchain. Make blockchain be the internet's transition to Web 3.0!!!

  25. I want to buy Erthreum 2.0

  26. Damn .. Vitalik needs to visit Dr.Rahim

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