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Ethereum Mining News | FPGA's Mining | ProgPoW LIKELY | Profitability | Hard Fork Delayed 2019

The whole lot it’s essential know concerning the present state of Ethereum cryptocurrency mining and the way forward for mining ETH.
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Ethereum mining has had thousands and thousands of recent launched to their community this yr, and their Proof Of Work has quickly modified with the induction of Ethereum ASIC miners. In the present day I evaluate the present Ethereum worth, present Ethereum mining profitability, rumors and affirmation of Ethereum FPGA miners, Innosilicon and Bitmain ASIC Ethereum miners, Ethereum dev. workforce delaying their onerous fork and extensively open acceptance of testing and doubtlessly including ProgPoW to the now delayed Constantinople ETH onerous fork (now set for early 2019), and my total abstract of the Ethereum mining scenario.

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Must you mine Ethereum, is it worthwhile to mine Ethereum now or what about later this yr or maybe you are questioning what is probably the most worthwhile for ETH mining? I evaluate the highest ASIC miners, contact an GPU mining ETH, and present a few of my analysis on FPGA mining Ethereums Ethash PoW algorithm — which is NOT FPGA resistant/proof.

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  2. Thanks for the info. Keep up the good work!!!

  3. Sir rupee coin mining pool information

  4. Hey Voskcoin! I would like if you could review this coin. I've been following this team for a while and seems great. Thanks

  5. Hi Vosk (and Tails!.. best Doge on the interweb) could you please take a look at They have an auto restart built in and a threshold restart if it drops below a set hashrate. I saw this post on Reddit today: and the policy seems a little fishy but maybe not the end of the world. Would love to hear your thoughts on it. Also, does EthlargementPill work with it?. Thanks Vosk. VoskCoin is my goto for mining news/videos. Keep up the good work! Tails, you do what you do. Never change.

  6. Thanks Vosk for continue updating for the miners point of view. Why don't you do some video about master nodes. If can you check Smartfox coin, looks very promising project to me. Their team is good so far and they are introducing cloud storage facility for every one in block chain. You should do some review for those potentials. Thansk

  7. If FPGA mining is becoming more common its just easier to invest in Xilinx (leading FPGA designer) and ride it up.

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  9. Thanks for the update. Mine just been running all year.. holdin 🙂

    Glad to see tails is doing well.

  10. I think the Ethereum payouts just got dropped today. At 2 PM Central Time today my effective hash rate dropped 33%.

  11. I hate to say it, I closed down for awhile I have a small 4 card rig (3x rx580 1x 1050ti) and its making more using NiceHash at the moment.

  12. Hi Vosk, I hope you stay more towards teaching and less leaning towards predicting. Example, you encouraged people to sell their GPUs before the Ethereum change and it turned out to be delayed and now there is possibility of progpow. Not to say it will all end badly for those who have GPUs, but the jury is still out.

    I know…You always say that is just your opinion, but people think a lot (including me) of what you say.


  13. 0:17 not constantinople it's istanbul.

  14. Which Inno Miner do you own?

  15. This is a good overview of the situation, but it is missing a lot of information that anyone thinking of mining Ethereum needs to know about. XTend Online is a new manufacturer of programmable mining equipment that is set to be released in 2019. It is just as programmable as a GPU, and offers about 20x better performance on many common algorithms, including Ethash, Cryptonight v8, etc. This includes ProgPOW, and the ProgPOW team is very aware of our technology. We spoke with them at WDMS in Georgia. I am assuming right now everyone is silently hoping we are exaggerating and will just go away, but that is not the case. We are simply devoting current efforts to securing funding. As soon as that process is complete, we will begin preparations for tapeout.

    Our team includes one of the greats of Silicon Valley who helped design the original Sparcstation and some of the tech that is still used in today's FPGAs. I am a graduate of Caltech with a specialty in massively parallel fine grained computing. For anyone who doesn't know Caltech but does believe Hal Finney was Satoshi Nakamoto, this is the school where Bitcoin was invented. I don't exaggerate and XTend Online is not in any way disingenuous. The belief that specialized hardware can only give a factor of 1.2x over GPUs is a misinformed one. We are doing about 10x-20x today, and have a roadmap to 1000x. All while being fully programmable.

    GPUs are going to be displaced next year for programmable mining the same way CPUs were displaced by GPUs. FPGAs also can not effectively compete, as they are way too expensive and way too inefficient. None of this should stop you from investing in mining equipment today, but do so with the clear understanding it has a limited lifetime. Once Hyperminers are available, GPUs will quickly be replaced. We don't believe in keeping this technology hidden, as nobody benefits from destroying the decentralized aspects of mining.

  16. Ethereum passed a progpow?

  17. Vosk- keep it daily bro- let that youtube money substitute your mining


    Show us ur farm fam

  18. Sehr interessant, sollten uns mal unterhalten, Liebe Grüße Thomas