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Ethereum Price Reversal? SEC Hurts Innovation, Facebook Hack & StellarX – Bitcoin & Crypto News

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency information – Is Ethereum going to see a significant worth reversal? SEC hits Elon Musk and congress lastly will get bribed to face up for crypto business. Facebook hack underlines want for decentralized providers. Tim Berners Lee is again to avoid wasting us.

US legislation makers foyer SEC


Elon Musk

Finish of Ethereum

Ethereum Price

Austria Ethereum

China Cryptocurrency


Facebook Hack

Tim Berners Lee

Samsung Bitcoin




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  1. Great presentation as always Crypto Lark. See you in Malta? 🙂

  2. I think ethereum will recover. However, lots of other currencies can do the ERC20 standard, so tokens and icos can port. For that reason I wouldn't have all my eggs in that basket. A lot depends on it making the changes safely, and nobody else becoming attractive. IMO it will probably manage.

  3. The SEC should start analyzing Trumps tweets!

  4. Re Ethereum: I think it will prove people wrong.

  5. ETH?? Lark has your head been in the sand or something??? Why not talk ETN????

  6. Elon musk manipulated the price of stock with his tweets; he should pay fine

  7. We are expected to ignore the Bailouts and Bonuses received for what was in truth The Crime of The Century. They were in fact rewarded for laundering and transferring 90% of the The U.S. National Treasure into their own privy allocation and dispensation. We are not supposed to 'look back' but isn't that what adults do? They would prefer we focus on "Talking Points" instead…

  8. Thanks man you rock! Long live the blockchain!

  9. How can these decentralized exchanges accept fiat, how does this work, can anyone enlighten me?

  10. Your intro's have become really entertaining! Keep it up!

  11. What was that malta phonenumber again? ?

  12. They should realize that trying to stopping BTC is just a waste of time and resources. We are coming for them with million of them sh*tcoin. It's an avalanche or a tsunami, take your pick!

  13. Best humor online, Great news too!

  14. What plugin are using to verify the twitter addresses I see in the video you have cnbc address green with a green tick? 5:12

  15. Elon is losing his shit. Much respect for his vision and passion but he has put himself up as a sort of god. He needs to decentralize himself and chill out like charlie lee. His companies fail the bus test i think. Ie If he gets run over by a bus tomorrow what would happen to his companies ?

  16. Better get some more eth to go on vacation to Malta in 2020

  17. > Facebook
    Steemit > Reddit (because censorship)
    Elon Musk > Corrupt Cronies (Government)

  18. I despise Facebook. Thanks Crypto Lark. Are the son of Ron Jeremy ??

  19. ETH moonshot, Lark! … but ASIC resistance first 😉

  20. Thanks for sticking up for Elon!

  21. Great news sum up, thanks Lark. Like a good central ortago Pinot Noir, you're just getting better with time.

  22. Still one of the best cryptocurrency YouTube channels.


  23. From

    "Is StellarX a decentralized exchange?
    Nope. StellarX doesn’t have order books or its own trading system. Although StellarX might feel a lot like a DEX, because you’re trading from your own wallet and all your actions are settled on-chain, StellarX isn’t an exchange of any kind. We’re essentially a GUI—a really nice one—for the publicly-accessible Stellar trading environment. Stellar is so fast that it feels like we must be settling things ourselves, but we’re not.

    So I would like to get a deeper look from you into this thing, I honestly don't get it…

  24. i have foundation for special need children. Maybe you want to donate 
    Eth wallet

  25. Great video! very informative. I just started looking into ICO and found your video very helpful. If you are taking suggestions for you next reviews, I would love your opinion on SciDex.

  26. These past events just reinforce the move for those of us that are moving forward on the self government road. I'm not sure how many will get it this time, but, it's time to cut ties with centralization.
    I'm not really using WasteBook much but it is a liability that needs to go, then the Googleplex.
    See y'all on Steemit, D-tube…Long live the blockchain, universe speed self government!

  27. As long as people like you Lark, sure, with a good heart and all, continues to believe in "equality", social justice and stuff like that, we will never go forward. What we need is to ABOLISH governments and regulations, and EMBRACE laisezz faire capitalism. When will people realise this? We don't have capitalism as long as we have regulations, banks and governments. Nothing CLOSE. Let all of that go and we are left alone with the free markets.

  28. I have tried every single hacking tool and only Facebook Password Sniper helped me. You can search for it on the search engines.

  29. Hey Lark can you do a review on Webchain.Network ?
    Its a brand new coin and the Mainnet is LIVE

  30. Like with projects leaving ETH to EOS, perhaps crypto projects should leave the US into crypto friendly countries such as Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, and even Australia.

  31. hey Lark you are really really one of the greatest in crypto

  32. Thanks Larky. I feel like I haven’t commented for a while mate and as I am officially your biggest LITTLE fan (lol) I wanted to rectify that.

    As always another stellar video (pun intended). Love your content, love Stellar x, I think the SEC and politicians are all cretins that need to crawl back under the rocks from which they crept out, Elon Musk is a legend (I was at his wedding in Skibo Castle and I had a sword fight with him using Lightsabers at Leeds Castle in Kent too), Bitcoin and crypto are on the up no matter what happens or how much time it takes. No one can stop the mighty lark or the mighty BTC.

    Video watched. Entertainment received. Voted up. Comment completed. ???

  33. Lark, have you seen George Gilder; forget cloud computing, blockchain is the culture on YouTube?

  34. Love the intro! 🙂
    People think a lot of things (i.e nonsense) and keep throwing their poorly sketched thoughts around. I could blame Trickster and Rippit, but I won't because we still have the freedom to ignore the noise.
    Cryptomarkets are hindered by nothing but the constant high-fly predictions, runaway speculations and unfiltered opinions. Even your comment section is full of bulls talking dust…. :p