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Ripple Price Is GOING CRAZY! Will It Pass Ethereum?

Ripple (XRP) has been surging on the cryptocurrency market in latest days. Many have attributed this to “banks”, however what is admittedly happening right here? It briefly surpassed Ethereum (ETH) in market cap, which has been struggling recently.

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  2. I made 20 cents today on the bitcoin bullrun!

  3. Lol what a loser…nobody is doing shit with crypto. I’m still on jets btw.

  4. Where is Doug Polk? Crypto is dead. Forgotten. The fad is over.

  5. Damn all these youtubers dried up lol

  6. Damn! Remember last year??? One youtuber popped out after another, ICO, BitConnect, Bitcoin rising, etc.

    Golf clap to the system. Their plan was executed perfectly. All dried up! No more daily videos or passion for crypto! Crypto stuck! Really sad!

    I wish we had times like last year. RIP to Crypto Bouse & Co.

  7. Not much going on on this channel these days…. to point out the obvious!

  8. It's.


  9. Hahahahahhaha, ripple fans have never experienced a true moon, still having wet dreams about the XRB / NANO moon.
    Got in at 15 cents and was a little too grounded, sold at $5 and $15.5, went to fucking $40. WOULD'VE HAD $100K This was late December and I saw the writing on wall and just held that mooning ponzi as long as I could bare it, while I watched everything else tank…

  10. MAKE ME A MILLIONAIRE. Modest requests! (I am serious as Doug)

  11. Ethereum's biggest problem? The Mist Wallet.

  12. Well…. This video didn't age well….. lol

  13. Sehr interessant, sollten uns mal unterhalten, Liebe Grüße Thomas

  14. he sounds like an idiot in good faith
    when will he finds out that the hole crypto is stupid and not worth the a shit

  15. i really can't believe you choose to have the haircut you have. it is so frustrating.

  16. Great video as always! Keep up the good work!

  17. Have u already paid TONE VAYS for your 10K Bet? U lose bad time

  18. I recommend Vertcoin, it costs 30 cents, its a legit project. Cheap and very interesting. Used to be rank 24 on coinmarketcap in the good old days where there wasn't as much speculation.