Monday , June 17 2019
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Bitcoin Ethereum Ripple Technical Analysis Chart 9/22/2018 by

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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 2018

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  1. I want a TheChartGuy – Node investor Featuring !!!

  2. dude look at that long hair – you are such a rock star that all of my ex gf would have sex with you at the drop of a hat – yer awesome

  3. Beware scammer eckson wood below!!

  4. Thanks for the brilliant analysis Dan – wow Iceland is SO beautiful – thanks for sharing bro!

  5. You sounded like 50 Gggggg unit

  6. Aikido too, is famous for this. The Japanese sure deserve respect for developing/modifying so many styles, hard and soft. I was lucky teens to study under a sensei who taught a hard style, but was also into meditation and using the ki energy, which most people associate with the soft styles. He was absolutely incredible and I swear that the "extra-sensory perception" he demonstrated was the real deal. Eyes closed, he could track people's movements around the room. He also taught us how to use ki in less sophisticated ways. Totally relaxed, an adult could not bend my arm while my hand rested on their shoulder. If I tried to use my muscles, it wasn't difficult for other teens to bend it. And this was from letting the energy travel down my arm and out. I could feel the subtle shift, when it was flowing. I like to validate what I think and am not a "believer" in general. As I look at it now, I think that ki (or chi for Chinese) is some kind of electro-magnetism. Especially since, over the last few years, I have changed my opinion about Einstein's conclusions and think the Universe is really 3D, just like we all experience.

    I now consider Time to be a method for observing the ratios between multiple series of events. It's not a dimension or part of one. It's not a direction or place that can be traveled It's more like a shadow than a "thing", IYKWIM. No light, no shadows. No events, no time.

    This reminds me that people are taught about Gravity, using a sheet and some balls of different mass A heavy ball is placed in the middle and less heavy balls are then rolled around it and will orbit until they lose velocity, at which point they will fall into the heavier ball, unless they have a high enough velocity to escape the sheet

    This comes from the "belief" that objects with mass "bend" a 4th dimension, called "space-time", creating a funnel for objects with less mass to "fall" towards the objects with more mass.

    If you ponder that for a moment, you will realize that circular logic is being used. Space itself doesn't exert a force, so they are using Gravity to explain Gravity. In other words, who cares, even if there were a funnel created; there is no force to cause them to "fall" "down" the funnel. It's a logical fallacy.

    Einstein got rid of the ether, which I think exists and is matter in the plasma state. Probably a lot of neutrinos. If this is true, then plasma would make up 99% of the observable universe, offering a medium through which waves could propagate, since waves can't propagate through nothing. It would get rid of the need for "dark matter".

    The last piece of the puzzle I can present is that electricity travels through the plasma medium (a non-esoteric ether), at intergalactic distances, and is kept focused across those vast distances in currents modeled a hundred + years ago by a Norwegian scientist, named Christian Berkelund, who studied the Northern Lights and concluded that thes were electric currents coming from the Sun. The key aspect of his model is that Berkelund Currents are made up of counter rotating rings, that act as the shielding for the central current, to keep it focused over vast distances.

    Search for video of the north poles of Jupiter and Saturn. You will see exactly that, many counter rotating concentric rings in their auroras.

    This boils down to the solar system being an electric circuit. It also means that our Sun is more like a powered light bulb than a campfire, burning itself. The Sun receives its energy from the center of the galaxy, which is a plasmoid (a real thing in plasma physics, which can be created in the lab), instead of a black hole, which is a theoretical bandaid to make Gravity only galaxies stay together, since Gravity is a relatively weak force and an "infinite mass" needed to be there to have enough Gravity to hold the galaxy together. Black holes are simply math bandaids and if you look at the math model for a black hole, it actually assumes there is no other matter in the Universe (woops!). On the other hand, plasmids are like batteries that store energy and feed it to the stars in a larger scale circuit. In fact the whole Cosmic Web could be connected by Berkelund Currents. Look at the filaments in all those deep space images.

    This Electric Universe theory makes a lot of sense to me and requires only one force. It simplifies reality so that it can be explained in common language, instead of the reality firewall language of math, which should be used for validation, not for creating new variables, representing new forces and particles and making sure common people are not able to understand reality, but trust the arbiters of Truth.

    For more on this topic, as well as a non-cultish, explanation of the underlying forms in myths,legends, and rock carvings of plasma discharges, found all over the world and representing a plasma discharge formation (looks like a stick man with little dots on the sides), please check out The ThunderboltsChannel on YouTube. I consider them to be the Martin Luthers of Science.

    My apologies for the long, somewhat off topic, comment. Please consider it my attempt at doing good things.



  7. Ju-jid, Ju-dit. Ju-tit….dude, you cracked me up 😀

  8. Great. So now we have a market that screws the bulls and the bears at the same time!

  9. We back baby. Enter all crypto markets

  10. well great video as always and honestly i like this new bull bots i been watching all these bear breaks at 1 mins chart and like you said once it hit below a key support big buy orders stop the selling i seen like 350-500 btc buy orders and after that right away they buy all selling order in order book and push the price up go bulls gooo

  11. Could these dump and pumps be the same person? Filling orders and accumulating on those stops that are triggered?

  12. What's the name of the song at the end? Goes along rly nice with your beautiful Iceland video 🙂

  13. Where are these chatrooms you talk about?

  14. Great video. I think the same bot that is selling is accumulating as bull minutes later

  15. Excellent content in your videos and glad you fixed that old buzzy microphone! Superb.

  16. I love how their roads have literally no traffic!

  17. The SEC questions VanEck about market manipulation. Now we know it's a 'bot' not a 'human'. Case closed.

  18. You're thinking about Judo, not Jujitsu. Jujitsu is more of ground work via submission, you're already on the ground. Judo is the take down of opponent's momentum using leverage.

  19. Ooh beautiful sunset and love those rolling clouds. Thanks also for updates ?

  20. Nice one! I'll continue my usual routine of buying 1000 usd worth of bitcoin on or near every payday. I'm all in. Rode this bastard all the way up to 19k and all the way down to 5800 buying every payday (except in February and March when I was on vacation). Got paid Thursday and I'll make my usual purchase any day now.

  21. Thanks Dan, except as always. Peed off… not getting notified of all your videos even though have set Bell for all notifications.
    Love your videos of Iceland, beautiful, could be west coast of Ireland ?? apart from buildings

  22. more epic footage! I've heard this song before but I forgot the name to it

  23. Wow Iceland looks like it'd be an incredible place to take a motorcycle or go trekking around.

  24. Finally, a peek behind the curtain! Signing up for your alerts right now! Will give us some ammo to fight back against the bots!!

  25. ju..jdui….jujitsu. wow is right. Great video Dan! I'm only giving you a hard tine because i notice your use of words is important to you. It usually is for me as well. thanks again! Do good things.

  26. Charlie you have a beautiful mind.

  27. the support breaks seem to be both bear traps as well as stoploss hunting for higher time frames. hmm…

  28. why do ppl feel this uptrend is any different than the previous ones? ripple?

  29. Coinbase bots, since they dont make much money in bear market…

  30. I guess that they "bot the dip".

  31. Aikido more so then Jujitsu…but got the idea 🙂

  32. I love when shorts and traders lose.

    Hodlers will prevail ?

  33. looks very similar to the shetland isles only with more snow in the distance. very peaceful.

  34. Jiu-jitsu 😀 hahahahahahah how come I missed that? LOL

  35. Serously, using old charting technology for predicting new technology – never going to work. You need algorithms in addition to defend yourself against the whales. They have better computing tools.