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Bitcoin Can Lose Over 50% Market Shares to Ethereum (By 2023)

Ethereum is the preferred sensible contracts platform and second largest crypto foreign money out there, some crypto foreign money consultants imagine that Ethereum may scoop up to half of bitcoin’s market share throughout the subsequent 5 years, So on this video I’ll elaborate extra about this and provides my very own opinion regards Ethereum and bitcoin.
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  1. flippening will happen but they will just pump eth to accumulate more btc

  2. Correction mate ripple xrp took the 2nd largest today we'll make new about it XDA

  3. BTC is like AOL used to be and ETF is like MySpace. Both died and are worthless compared to newer better platforms.

  4. watch out for Cardano, when they start delivering I believe they'll be a game changer… scalability, interoperability and sustainability, it's Proof of Stake and DECENTRALISED too! Their team is also top flight.

  5. 'You know that you need to take shit, but nothing is coming out' …… Genius !!!

  6. lmao….."you know you need to take shit but nothing coming out"…lol

  7. Ethereum can't even keep up with Ripple. GTFOH

  8. I agree with your final conclusion, yet you have not mentioned several key factors in this clip:
    – Inflation rate: Bitcoin has about 4% annual inflation rate and it will drop to about 2% in 2020. Etherium has about 7% annual inflation, and that is really bad in terms of storing value.
    2. Etherium can still be rendered useless by any over-popular Dapp such as "crypto-kittens", so it is basically still broken.
    3. While Bitcoin has a very strong leading position as a cryptocurrency, in the Dapp platform there are several "Etherium killers" such as EOS, NEO, Cardano and more which are built better than Etherium and may take its position. There is no rival to Bitcoin as, Bitcoin-cash, litecoin, Monero and other cryptocurrencies are much smaller.
    Good clip though. Thanks!

  9. Your tone of voice is so funny. Your origins?

  10. The reason ETH could overtake BTC is if it becomes common among anybody with a smartphone to hold a little ETH in order to participate on the platform.. There is so many aspects to Ethereum that it will be of no surprise to me if that happens. In that case ETH could easily be over 1 trillion Market cap. BTC could also eventually be in the trillions of market cap as well. The difference is that BTC will be used mainly as one thing, SOV whereas ETH will be for multiple reasons. If BTC is like Gold then a Multi-trillion mc works out. But if ETH is like Oil and everything/everyone needs a little to keep the platform running smoothly, then you could look at it like a giant machine, aka a world computer. Easily in that case, 10 trillion. As far as scaling there is a roadmap and they say they will be there in 5 years. Obviously this requires faith / belief that they will accomplish it in time. Time will tell, but there are some of the smartest coders out there working on this

  11. I think people always underestimate the difference between wanting to do something and actually doing it and solving problems in the process of scaling. Ethereum is at a large advantage because of this dynamics.

  12. Could you please do a video which coins give recurring income and we can retrieve after investing those coins. You videos are awesome.

  13. Satoshi's Proof of Work came first. THAT's the revolutionary invention. It works like a clock. Is Proof of Stake different from our current FIAT system? Where was POS in 2008? Playing video games. Ok, we were all kids once. How would POS fare against an NSA, CIA hacker type attack?..           Vitalik is a genius. We all agree. That's why he has to think about integrating and interacting with Bitcoin and/or its Lightning Network. It's not ideal that his feelings were hurt by the BTC developers when he was a 14 year old kid by rejecting his invention (unbelievable, I know), but making an ingenious (doomed) project on its own blockchain will not show anyone anything! There are a**holes in this world who own everything, and thanks to our little crypto fight, they will continue to do so! FIND A WAY TO WORK TOGETHER. It's too early to make a computer from scratch; you need a working calculator first!

  14. I think there are better buying plays than Bitcoin and Litecoin atm. BITCOIN needs to get back down to 3100usd and litecoin 27usd

  15. tron is much more faster than ethereum..

  16. LMFAO…"like having a shit but nothing coming out"u kill me bro…what happened to constipated , HAHAH

  17. It never happen….Bitcoin will be the People's Pet