Monday , June 17 2019
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Wow! Ethereum fading into the Ether…-86%

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  1. why did amazon buy 4 crypto domains

  2. Ethereum is still over $200; still way high compared $7 at the end of 2016. Silver down to $14 from its high in 2011 of $48ish, but you not calling silver bubble popping? Your video is very bias and very easy to see why. And I sense bitterness that you invested your life into something that you thought would be money again and the possibility that you were wrong is making you hate on cryptos.
    I have physical silver, gold and cryptos stored on private hardware wallet, and I want to build up a physical stack of dollar too. US government is reducing the amount of physical cash in circulation, means that eventually physical money will be rare too.

  3. Chris, I’ve been watching your videos for about 7 years now and I can’t think of anyone out there who sees this whole mess more clearly than you bro. Silver is indeed the answer. Been stacking ever since 2010. Thank you from one marine to another. Semper Fi

  4. This moment in time is truly a gift few will realize. Those who believe that paper and digital wealth is real and could never end will be left with little of nothing. Hold a few ounces of silver in your hand and know that it belongs to you only then will you understood. It always comes back to Silver and Gold. Always.

  5. Awesome, I just walked into my silver dealer; here in Melbourne Australia and, he had a 2012 silver bullet silver shield 1oz silver coin. It has the skeleton and “ in debt they trust” so cool if I lived in the USA I wouldn’t buy any other coin!

  6. Agreed. The more you buy when it's low the lower your average cost is. Buy now as much as possible, and continue as long as you can as it drops, and even if it goes a little higher.
    You and I both know when silver gets to $100 troy oz., they will spend more to get it & it will continue to be mined. Bit those that are in it to win it, will. Wealth preservation at it's finest. Invest for your future.
    Love your videos please continue sharing.

  7. You can make between 5% and 15% every 24hrs, daytrading eth, as long as it ranges between 190 and 225. Buy orders at 201 and 191, sell orders at 209 and 224. Off course there´s the possibility it will go down even further. Beyond 165 I would leave the trade. But your odds to win till it goes back to at least 300 are way above 50%. That´s free silver for everyone not thinking as dogmatic as Chris.

  8. 20k xrp could be life changing in a few years… that meme sucks, but xrp is the new SWIFT, early 1970"s, right after Nixon took us off the gold standard, and now xrp is going to save banks 40-70% in cross border payments…

  9. Wow, i am amazed at how a channel titled truthnevertold how you seem to leave out facts and only include your spin. Here is some facts you left out. back in early 2017, you could buy ethereum for about $10, which i did (i wish i purchased more). In about 18 the price has increased about 2,200%! may be one of the best investments i have, and will ever make. Now, i love stacking silver as much as you, but comparing it to silver which was about $16 – $17 dollars back then to now $14-$15 dollars……well, do i really need to say more. you never even talked about the technology that Ethereum is based on and how it is a technology that could change the way business functions. now that i think of it "TruthNeverTold" is the perfect title for your channel.

  10. What do you think about blockchain technology backed by tangible assets like real estate?

  11. BETA TESTING, its all beta, its data the largest financers are collecting and using the money that people are throwing into cryptos for god knows what besides building their own brand of crypto, why would the largest institutions just ignore the crypto market, they're not thats the point this is all their baby, its growing with each new investor into the digital market, and when its all digital it can go and off just like any other app or program so one day you have money next day not so much because you said something publicly that someone higher up than you didnt like

  12. paper fiat you can put into your pocket, cryptos are where? cryptos will disappear when the lights go off.

  13. Gold and silver were the worse investments of my life and i missed out the Crypto phase. But im happy for the smart guys that bought them . I don't think they are even close to dead. Silver, however is totally dead

  14. Ethereum's price has been less volatile lately compared to 6 months ago. As the price becomes more stable, consumers are starting to think about investing in Ethereum again.

    I will only charge you $1 US Dollar for a coin. I sell Pennies. You too can get one. Do it now. CALL WE ARE STANDING BY…..

  16. China has made and sold on Flea-Bay millions of CHEAP Metal Coins, that are fake Bitcoins and have made so much money.
    I bought a couple, too. I think it is going to be worth more in the long run than most, if not all AltCoins… hahaha

  17. Lol, thats what not the hodlers said at the start. Vitalik was right all long and no one listens. Eth is just a stepping stone for future cryptos.many pools are already non existent., just like the ICOs which disappeared along with the precious retail investor money. Bitcoin will eventually fail as well as it will combust due to ever growing block size and no database will scale forever and still work like before.

  18. I have a Sam Sloat 10th year Silver Bar of the Wartime Jefferson Nickels. It is valued and sold once and a while for over $200 US… There was only 10,000 1 Oz. bars made and were sold to associates for $10 after the FREE one was sent.
    I am not sure what $10 US would have accumulated to in interest since 1973 but it is likely not as much as 20 X in value???

  19. In order for anything digital to exist, I think we all need to remember that it wouldn't exist without silver or affordable energy. Sure, digital assets will be around for the foreseeable future… long as we have silver and affordable energy.

  20. It ain't how many ounces are mined silver vs. gold it is how much it cost to get an ounce of it out of the ground. Silver is not that more costly than gold to produce. Figure that out and you will have an accurate ratio.

  21. Crypto crap? Does nobody get this. Fiat value is based on your ability to work traded for it. Its theft called jewry run by pieces of shit from Israel. Crypto is worth NOTHING but debt with jewry theft attached to it once people accept it for their ability to work. Love how china wants to sign up for the jewry system when their dynasty fell to these same disgusting inbred banker families. The American banks are Jewish. There is not a single bank in the world that is American nor European. There are only two countries not under jewry slavery but called terrorists because of it, and they are Syria and Iran, right where the ashke'nazi media are telling Americans to support war against. This is what they do. Jewry slavery for all. Think about it…

  22. Pay off all debts to make yourself BANKSTER PROOF then buy silver

  23. Ethereum is still up 18 times from where it was two years ago, and it is up 30% from 11 days ago. You can always pick dates to make things look good or bad. Can do the same with silver or gold too.

    Of course cryptos are risky, but not necessarily Ponzi schemes (although some are). Bitcoin has done very well in compared to other cryptos. It didn't gain as much when all the others went exponential, but it hasn't lost nearly as much off of its peak high either.

    I own some gold, some silver and some cryptos including bitcoin and ethereum and have made the most on cryptos (even bought some metals with the profits). Am ahead on gold as well, but way down on my silver investments.

    Got all of my original investment out of cryptos, plus some and all my remaining ones are in effect free. Like any investment people need to look into the risks before getting into them.

  24. So when Crypto comes back, this will make you not credible correct? Ether has already made a strong comeback

  25. If you dislike crypto that's fine, I'm sure you have some valid points against it. But I'm not sure pointing to the drop in price is the best argument coming from someone who is all in on silver… (I'm long on both crypto and silver, you don't need to pick sides)

  26. To people talking about the price of silver price decreasing by a similar amount, it's important to note that crypto holders can HODL to zero but silver/gold owners can NEVER EVER hold to zero. It will never happen, that's the important distinction.

  27. No…this will not end nicely. Too bad we don't have that lightning in a bottle tesla talked about a while ago