Monday , June 17 2019
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Bitcoin Ethereum LINK Ripple Technical Analysis Chart 9/19/2018 by

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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 2018

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  1. Nice1 Dan. Just so you know, i get all your MJ alerts from YT but i NEVER get these crypto 1's, EVER. Feckin scum YT

  2. Lmao at that story….BULLMOOSE SAVES THE DAY!

  3. CBOE futures closed, not manipulated at all goys 😉

  4. Thanx for the best trading videos there are with a nice touch of your interesting stories. J
    ust one question please. I am allways wondering what do you mean by "play on the breaks"? If I set stop buy it gets triggered in this volatile market as fake most of the time (same for the stop loss), and if I see the break it is all over in 15 minutes, the spikes are too fast. Even using some alert systems one is too late usually. So how do you play this? Set stop buy's or sit by the computer and watch the volume increase if the break is real or not? Some people say wait for confirmation candle, but the 1 hour confirmation candle is usually 10% up after the break.

  5. Too much marijuana has fried your brain. The warnings were true!

  6. Omg, LOVED that opening metaphor Dan. Dead on

  7. AHHHH Thank you an for including XRP again!

  8. We are officially in a moose market!

  9. Dan makes the other crypto TA "experts" look like amateurs. Thanks for your video's.

  10. I'm an electrician building a (legal) mj grow-op in Canada, looks like a pricey thing to get up and running but they're saying it will pay for itself in one year. Also the engineering is a mess cuz presumably engineers don't grow pot normally lol. The one I'm at is doing the medical stuff as opposed to recreational so its getting serious scrutiny from "Health Canada" (same as the FDA in the states).

  11. Tcg checkout the short levels on xrp their insane.

  12. Never thought I'd see link on this channel! What a time to be alive

  13. How exactly do you trade a break out? Do you use a stop market/limit order for when the price goes out the tightening range? Where do you put stop loss? How do you minimise risk and what about fakeouts?
    Love you Dan, Thank you man!

  14. Futures expiring? Along with shorts and bulls.

  15. that was a sight to see thanks… nature is awwwwwsome

  16. didn't the same sort of crazy bullish candle take place 9/8?

  17. Dan, What are you using for new notifications on your screen?

  18. The fact that you did this video after a long busy day for all of us is such a gift. Thank you for doing good things for me and others with these videos. I'm still kinda lost without your daily guidance, but learning slowly. Gracias.

  19. the $50 million japanese exchange hack news started the dump.

  20. Dan. I know its not your style, but any suggestions/tips for people who want to trade but can't watch the market from 7-4 all day because of work? I can check in around noon. What would your strategy be if you had a real job 😉 Great video as usual thank you so much

  21. Casper, Plasma and Sharding would be a huge event

  22. I got stopped out and price went straight back up- massively annoying.

  23. Hi Dan, how would you time your entry on LINK/USD if you were to play the bull break (if it does break bullish)

  24. Great video per usual Dan, much appreciated!

  25. Sheep Sneak Peek… not Peak. =)

  26. Thanks for great analysis. I watch every one. Cheers!

  27. Dan, can you please make a tutorial video on how to trade Canadian mj for crypto peeps? Thanks for all your great content!!

  28. the bears have more money. the bankers are definitely playing the game and trying their hardest to take control of the majority of bitcoin before they start pushing for mass adoption at which point they'll change their position. at the moment it's the bankers vs the people, same as normal…..

  29. what if bitcoin is actually waiting for alts to get in a good position to make a bull break all together

  30. Nice spot on Chainlink! Broken to the upside like crazy!

  31. Wich (e)MA`s are you using? Cant find them in "built ins" in tradingview. Cheers!

  32. Hey dan, where can i buy canadian mj? I live in the Netherlands

  33. Do you think you could do a basic video running through exactly what you mean and why it's significant to see "Double Tops" 2 or more "Inside Bars" i'd really like to see a clear video just so I know exactly what you're talking about 🙂

  34. What is the motivation of the moose? My suspension of disbelief has been altered and the the third plot point in Act 3 seems weak to me. The character arc of the bear is strong, but I still think the bull will find love.

  35. thank you!!!!! 🙂 congrats on an awesome trading day yesterday!!!!!

  36. great video Dan. what tickers do you suggest watching in can MJ?

  37. thank you dan.. loved the story lol. great clip at the end , keep up the great work

  38. Good morning Chart Man Dan! I was thinking about yesterday’s volatility/defense of $6100 and the spike up to $6500 or so. BTC had a similar day on Aug 22nd where it touched the local low then spiked up to $6900. Now that was the day BitMex went down for 30 min but it seems to rhyme. Your thoughts?