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1400mh Ethereum ASIC Miner – What does it mean?

New ASIC being mentioned from Canaan, proprietor and operator that creates Avalon primarily based ASIC miners for Bitcoin. Primary info identified on their presentaton

Max Hashrate: 1400mh (1.4gh)
Max Energy: 1000w
Est Value: 2400 USD (primarily based on 4month ROI @ 20 USD a day)

Ethereum Hashrate:

Newest Render machine construct:

ASUS ROG Zenith Excessive x399 –
AMD Ryzen 2990WX –
64GB G.Talent TridentZ PC3200 DDR4 –
Samsung 1TB NVME 970 Professional –
EVGA Titan V –
EVGA Supernova 1000 P2 –
Corsair Case 570x –
Enermax LIQTech TR4 –

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  1. But as we have heard 2 weeks ago at the Dev Meeting, developers don't care about ASICs so if 8 of these can replace my 400 GPU mining farm and use 1/8 of the electricity, i would be very tempted to preorder a few of them

  2. I have been mining ETC with 1080's @ a great financial loss :/
    Switching to raven now.

  3. there is nothing wrong with asics. less power is good thing. the problem with asics is bitmains monopoly

  4. ASICs quickly spike supply in excess of demand. Excess supply that a market can't absorb will crash prices and may crash the market. That's just basic economics. Why can't developers understand this? We are seeing it play out before our eyes. Even the spike in GPU mining after the meteoric BTC price peak started to cause the market's decline. The haspower rise of the ASICs makes that excess GPU production look small. Just look at the network hashpower curves. They've gone up exponentially over the last year. ALL dev's should be moving to ASIC resistance, or developing a periodic hard fork strategy.

  5. I am done with ETH, They never appreciate us as miners who brought them up! R.I.P ETH

  6. So 12K Asic miner is gona be beter then 100K GPU investment. WTF i am gona do with my 250 GPUs.
    I hope ETH DEV. is gona go on PrograPOW and make Briks out of them. Those Asic can take over the network easy… 51%

  7. I thought ETH was going POS?

  8. Buy ADA, first proven PoS algo to launch 1Q19, light years ahead of ETH. Say no to centralization.

  9. 20 bucks a month how many people will order lol. then another difficulty bomb hahahah like E3 victims but its a GPU nice lube it more all thanx to vitalik unicorn hahhaha

  10. have you seen stake box?  What are they?  something about proof of stake cryptos

  11. Hey I have a question for you or anyone who can help.. in mining you experience a lot of fan failures…. I have a ASUS RX VEGA 64 STRIX and I broke one of the blades on a fan .. where can I get the replacement fans for my card .. ANY HELP WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!!! THANK YOU GUYS IN ADVANCE!!!

  12. feel sorry for Carter, spent all that money for a mega mining facility and crypto tanks with ETH giving the middle finger to miners

  13. Bring on that PROGPOW! yea baby

  14. My rigs have been down for a few days now. Not sure what to mine since Ethereum is said still supposed to be the best coin to mine. Might just put them back on in anticipation for the next bull run but the rewards has gotten lousey. Maybe I'll gamble on UBIQ or something.

  15. Hey Michael, I have a question off this subject. What Power meter are you using??? O what would you recommend to monitor rig power consumption??? Thanks!

  16. I don't trust ASICs. If they break in a week you are SOL compared to 2 or 3 year warranties on GPU. I had a DOA GPU from newegg and super easy process to replace. Thanks for talking risk BBT not just hashrate!