Saturday , July 4 2020
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Ethereum's Constantinople Update & Difficulty Bomb

Ethereum is about to get one other huge replace. It is referred to as Constantinople and can enhance the efficiency of the community and introduce some new options. It’s going to additionally delay the issue bomb. Right here we’ll take a fowl’s eye have a look at the brand new replace.

It will be a tough fork, however we do not anticipate Ethereum to separate into a brand new foreign money.

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  1. 5:15 ethereum classic is not forked, it is the original chain. Ethereum is the fork

  2. 3:46 it's worth noting that Bitcoin has a maximum supply of 21,000,000 BTC, but Ethereum doesn't.

  3. Will current ETH addresses be accessible after Constantinople?
    After Casper?

    Do we have to put currently held ETH back on an exchange in order to get post-split coins?

  4. 'decentrallized' Ethereum is like a person who snoozes through 10 alarms.

  5. I’m faster THAN Ethereum! Not “Then”.

  6. Yet again, simple and to the point. Just as I needed. Thanks!

  7. Curious: where do people that support proof-of-steak believe cryptos get their value from?

  8. Thank you. I have one critique though: price is not value. In fact value can rise if something is not scarce, like fax machines or buses. But the price of having or using it is getting lower. Price is what you pay, value is what you get.

  9. Excellent information. Thank you.

  10. You make awesome video's! Like++;

  11. Will there be rewards when it is proof of stake?

  12. check cardano they are miles ahead in the proof of stake game, true geeks

  13. You originally say that EIP 145 will require 10x less gas at 1:00, but at 1:07 the video says "-10%". 10x less gas would mean a 90% discount (or -90%). Which one is it?

  14. You forgot to talk about the new forked coins, ETH Nova, and ETC Vision

  15. One note – State channel applications are up and running on Ethereum now, EIP 1014 just makes a small portion of them far more efficient.