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Daily Update (9/10/18) | Is Ethereum set for a boom or bust?

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  1. Ethereum is dead, there are numerous other projects that do (arguably better) what their use case was intended to be. It’s been nearly 2 years since any notable update to the project. Not only that but “token” coins are losing popularity as a whole and are outright useless. Vitalik lost because his arrogance and self-fulfilling ideology caused him to focus more on being seen than actually innovating. Their are only a few coins that have any real use case. For example GIN, Motify, and possibly LPC if they follow through with their plans. These and similar coins that can offer an adoptable service people want and say you have to pay for it in our coin are the only ones that will be successful.

  2. Thanks for your content. I really like your new scope of markets.

  3. ´Started in december fomo homo but only small since then everydrop i try to get my account bigger im allways around 30-50 percent lose but ok i hope bearmarket goes on next 2 jears so i can put in more money everymonth 100 $

  4. at 156 dollars I am gonna buy a LOT of Eth, cant wait. that reverse FOMO god damn.

  5. Seriously? Go to 10k? wtf man

  6. Your signature snap just adds up so perfectly right after the intro music. If it wasn't for the music, I wouldn't want it. But with it, heck i do myself XD
    It's just like you have to aidrum that one hit right after intro music of Better Call Saul suddenly stops 1 hit short.

  7. Tron for the win. Slow and steady wins this race! Tron has everything in place to dominate. If you hold a half a million coins, you could be rich within the next year or two.

  8. What does EOS, TRON or Cardano have in response to the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance?

  9. Buy more eth now because it will never become dust. Buy eth at the same time buy Staker Token which is in the smart contract of Ethereum. It has 40 rounds of airdrop for everyone you can freely join their airdrop and accumulate as many as you can then mint it to make it more. The PoS feature of staker is truly unique.

  10. Don't forget, the suppression of Eth directly affects hundreds of other tokens by proxy. Thus the suppression of Eth is a priority for the money changers. Despite the efforts to tamp out millions of people's road to prosperity, the controllers will ultimately fail at this too. The masses are due. They've been held down for thousands of years now….until the Internet. When the masses start piling into crypto, their ablility to control things as they do now will be overwhelmed and projects will start to moon one by one. One project practically assured of success is the STAKER Token project. Solid team. Solid use case. Low max supply. Lengthy airdrop campaign., Huge community. Stable/rising price at the depths of the bear market. Folks will be looking back someday, saying, "Yeah. I read about that Staker Token once. I should have paid attention."

  11. Hi Nick, re: P2P coins, it seems these one get the most coverage in your videos:
    1. Nano (you've also mentioned you like DAGs)
    2. Monero
    3. Dash
    Do you believe these 3 show the most promise for non-trader 3-5 year hodlers? Any others you would add to this list?
    Thanks for your time

  12. Great review and analysis Datadash. Ethereum has been the main topic this week due to its abrupt downfall in crypto market. I still believe and high hopes on Ethereum and Vitalik may find a solution to its issues and flaws it faces now. One thing, i recommend a new ERC20 token that may soon dominate and boom on the cryptosphere and that is Staker. This is a Non-ICO project and it is POS smart contract token on Eth platform. It is aready listed on CMC and crex and currently airdropping huge rewards to its active community.

  13. Eth will surely boom and surprise most people, it's has a lot of altcoins attached to it,example is STR Staker, STR is a POS project on Ethereum blockchain with low cost of Staking, no need of running your system 24/7 to claim a stake.

  14. Hello there,

    Would you please review once again POA/POA20?

    Thank you

  15. Many people didn't believe in Ethereum right now. They sell all Ethereum they have and loss a lot of money. They think Ethereum will die. But I don't think so. I have confidence in the restoring of Ethereum in the next year, especially I trust in a new Token with the unique funtion using Ethereum platform. I'm saying about Staker Token. Staker is not only an Ethereum token, but also a brand new token standard for Proof – of – Stake tokens. Do you know about Staker Token?

  16. since the last day Etheirum gaining some percentage. i think this is the start of the their bull run. but we it expect the unexpected. i hope its not a bust.. yoiu can also choose Staker Token a Proof-of-Stake smart contract inside etherium platform.and Staker token have 40 weeks of airdrop. now in their 13th week many member received their reward.

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  18. Well the facts are in EOS is taking market share, ETH is down hard and ETH is going to POS mimicking EOS.
    I did create a EOS account name " ethishistory " (ETH Is History ).