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Ethereum Crash & Fear, Bullish Predictions & Censorship Increases – Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency information – Ethereum value spikes fears of a disaster for Ethereum, Ether shorts not serving to, Coinbase CEO bullish AF, Jones is censored much more, and the Telecoms are actively attacking huge gamers like Youtube.

Ethereum Disaster


Ether Shorts

Ether Futures

Lively Customers

One Billion Crypto Customers

Coinbase Workers

Aussies Love Crypto

Crypto Congressional Listening to

China Crypto Merchants

Jones Twitter

Jones Apple

Telecoms Attacking Youtube



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  1. i have never seen anyone who under such adversity just keeps smiling , can't feel anything but warm and fuzzy with you around Mr Lark

  2. Ethereum will go down to $150 and Ethereum classic will go up to $40

  3. You Rock…. support free usage of currency without control of Criminal Governments … they worked 6000 years now on controlling all aspects of wealth.. Crypto is the way to freedom… hope this will not be crushed by the ones which are sooo very fearful of this new FREEDOM.. which is so much deserved by the working society…. remember.. The working society is the FORCE which enabled the 1 % to enslave the rest of this prison planet… We just can hope .. .and press on……

  4. I love this new phone intros 🙂 And you are absolutely right with Jones. People should be more interested in platforms like Steemit.

  5. Yes! Aussie Aussie Aussie!! C'mon mates it's shark time, lots of blood in the water. Nom Nom nom. Imagining pac man eating coins

  6. This guy is wise beyond his years.

  7. Lark I love you man! You're one of my favorite youtubers if not my favorite youtuber based on sympathy. But I feel at this point something must been said to all new viewers of this and/or other channels: learn some TA and the markets in general, HODL it's pretty frustrating!! See, I've enter the market after 4 months of studies (that was late March this year) ALL YOUTUBERS were calling the bottom saying "something big is about to happen in the Crypto space!!!" Well, Reality is I'm down 70% or more in all my coins except for BITCOIN. Since late March I've been listening to this "now it's a very good time to buy!" Is it? Really??? Now I have much more knowledge and I don't think this is best advice to give to new people out there. I feel the best advice would be to learn some RISK MANAGEMENT first, understand the down trends and up trends and so on… Just the opinion of a dude watching videos, on the internet!! 😉

  8. time stamp at 8:58…….. yes yes "sliced bread" is extremely bad for you, really bad.

  9. People should stop criticizing Vitalik for being honest about ETH. He can now see that EOS and Cardano are far more superior than ETH and he is just being honest. At least he is not being a snake and pretending to the public that his tech is the best when he knows it is going to fail compared to the EOS/ADA.

  10. i heard it's just dropping because of ico's cashing out all at once after lockup periods to fund the projects further.. and they just pay the asking price because they are impartial organizations that just take what they can get.. they have no interest in hodling

    So i think the answer is that ICOs should stop accepting volatile coins and only take tethered coins/tokens.. like Dai, DGX, USDT, TUSD.. 
    If they only did that then selling off would never affect their price or our markets.  If anything, any major sell-off might boost a coin like ether from gas prices that need to be paid.
    So if they sell 1$ of USDT or 1 million USDT.. the price of USDT is still 1$.

    If i were running an ICO, i would accept payment in any of those 4 tethered tokens.

  11. "Everything that can be invented has been invented" – Charles H. Duell, Commissioner of US patent office in 1899. Moral: The people that we assume know everything about the limits of technology can sometimes be talking out their a-hole and have no more a clue than you or I.

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