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Goldman Sachs Scam | Ethereum Death?

On this video Tamara addresses the market sentiment, the actual rationalization for the Bitcoin drop, in addition to the seeming lack of curiosity in Ethereum.
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  1. Mainstream media is controlled and is controlling the narrative. Think mirror. We live in the age of deception. God Bless!

  2. I think you're right about Goldman. It was just an excuse as people were very nervous since we were at a technical resistance level period a major one I should say. The yearly chart pattern is still making that series of lower highs and now we are at the magic moment of are we going to cut down to $5,000 or get a turnaround? Eth has a lot of infighting and they are driving away the miners with some of their ideas. If you look at some of the mining specific channels like voskcoin they are getting out of eth. Lot of gpu miners don't want to support a community like that. Then you have all the Ico dumping . on top of that you can build projects on etherium classic which has none of those issues

  3. did she say she is Tamara Trouble? 0_o

  4. They aren't selling poloniex which they paid $400 million dollars for, people are funny

  5. Lovely…. ETH will bounce back.

  6. Crypto may be too complicated for Goldman Sachs, who probably prefer to stick to their old formula of exploitation since it has been working so well for them. Besides, I sense there is an ego getting in the way of them thinking clearly.

  7. Nice commentary. Out of interest what's your professional relationship with Asger? >> Re: Fear & Greed Index you are right to question its methodology, but I think it is useful tool. It won't help predict flash crashes like the one we've just seen (aka a 'black swan' event), but it will help (1) in trying to time purchases and (2) in ascertaining when its time to take profits. Buying quality coin, logically, should be done when there is extreme fear. The greater the fear the better. Equally, when market sentiment turns greedy it's time to take profits. Looking back at the chart for the last nine months or I would argue that if you buy under, say, 16 (extreme fear) and sell / take profits when Greed takes over at 50 you won't go far wrong. Wash, rinse, repeat. The preservation of capital is key. You live to reinvest another day.

  8. Asger get rid of that outro.its atrocious. Slicked back hair. Wtf

  9. Goldman is part of the crime syndicate. The only reason groups like these people say anything publicly is to F with everything and everyone, always so their people and associates / friends can capitalize on whichever way they want any market to go at the moment. I completely agree with the comment that it’s great news that GS isn’t gonna be involved. Except for the fact that this is just another ploy to manipulate everything. The notion that the big institutions/ banks are truly interested in crypto is a fraud. They’re getting involved for one reason only- they have no choice. If they don’t get in and get it under control they’re done. What they really want is to be able to do anything to kill it. They know they can’t so they’re getting in whether they say this, that , or something else, they’re getting in period.
    Separately, there is zero legit reason for a futures market in BTC or any other crypto. Futures have only one legitimate reason for being imo – to offset market volatility for producers and consumers of industrial and agricultural commodities so a functional business model can be relatively stable. Futures in anything else constitutes financial alchemy by greedy control freaks and power junkies. That’s why these entities continuously create new bizarre “investment vehicles “ out of everything under the sun.
    Aside from the myriad amazing uses for blockchain tech, the most attractive element of the currency aspect is to skirt and/ or otherwise get rid of entities like GS altogether. As far as I’m concerned the entire paradigm that includes orgs like them should go bye bye forever.
    To sum up this long comment- there is NO organic legitimate reason why any market could drop straight off a cliff in 30 mins but rigging/ manipulation. People who have enough money to own a position size large enough to cause a straight down chart like what we see here don’t need the money and didn’t just decide “oh btc doesn’t feel like a good place to keep my money so I’ll just pull a few hundred million $ out all at once and go do something else with it. Anyone intelligent that has that size position in this market knows it’s going way higher, whether it’s next week or next year. The concentration constitutes centralization and that’s exactly what we’re trying to get away from. Until crypto mass adoption takes place and we can sidestep the entire “entry and exit by bank only” model, and be able to just stay in crypto in perpetuity, we’re going to be dealing w this S. As much as everyone is carrying on about “institutional $”, and it very likely will translate into huge upside at some point, I would just as soon they don’t ever get near it and stick with their own rotten corrupt system. Leave crypto alone. I loved the organic crazy volatility without the “institutional $”. They only ever rig things for the big insiders, and ultimately ruin it for all the little guys . Sorry, got carried away.
    Love your work! ✌️??

  10. "I think Eth has still lot of potential"
    only shows that you have no clue.
    Ethereum is software version of Frankenstain's monster, is has no right to live. Doomed from the start. Might work in closed environments, but they don't need crypto or blockchain.

  11. OK, T.A. does not work on a market that can be overly manipulated! Example is not to look at the top ten, one hundred. Check out the whole market and see that 99% of all coins dropped at the same time! That is not normal trading.

  12. Hello I heard something about XRP and HSBC collaborating – could you look into that and what would the impact be?

  13. Tron will replace ethereum very soon

  14. Maybe the ETF will pass and insiders know.

  15. ETH died the moment ICO's were banned…… ETH is useless and has no future… and i envision that as of 2019 most tokens will leave the dying platform and move to EOS considering how advanced it is and how brilliant EOS is setup.

  16. Good content! What do you think about Ico feniks finance? I think it is quite a promising project. By the way they showed the speed of their blockchain and it reached 100k tps!

  17. eth dropped because the eth devs lowered the mining reward and basically refused to fork asics off their network. For being a self proclaimed decentralized crypto it sparked concerns for the coins growth. They also delayed the release of casper again which is another bearish flag. That ontop of the large number of shorts that have been placed within the past 2 weeks.

  18. After October or Nov. BTC at 20/22K and ETH at 1,3/1,7 K…………………

  19. It's all bullshit with Goldman Sachs. The same game played in 2008.

  20. remember that GS allowed a few professional traders into bitcoin earlier this year and its funny that this massive sell was just prior to GS statement. smells like insider trading