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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin BCH Technical Analysis Chart 9/5/2018 by

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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 2018

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  1. Have a safe trip Dan, have fun brother.

  2. You should link to drumstrong in the description Dan! 😀

  3. $1100 drop in btc in less than 24 hrs, man o man whats goin on.

  4. MAN!! Soon after you posted this video…. DUMP!! i wish i would of known where exactly to Short BTC. oh , well … I am looking forward to hearing from you regarding where this dump to SUB 6400 leaves the over Weekly Equalibreum . I am hoping you will say, There is still hope for a BullBreak on the Weekly….. you just posted this and i am already looking forward to the next one !

  5. Manipulated market and people doing this need to go to prison…. or BTC hitmen to wipe them out.

  6. Thanks for sharing. Go thru cancer is hard for the person who suffer it and for the family and friends as well. I hope your friend is doing well.
    Take care yourself!!

  7. silk road! ETF. gOLDMAN SACHS… iTS "writing on the wall!" GET OUT, lol. If it does bounce fro low 6,300, then i think it will be absolrbed by silk road, and a ful fluss will happen again. Its a giant hangman!!

  8. you are a beautiful soul 🙂 the event looked fantastic ,we could use more people like you in this world

  9. Wow, I stayed up all night to watch this dump! Awesome profit shorting on Kraken! I do not remember having such profit so fast. Shorting is fun 🙂

  10. It'd be interesting to hear your take on whats going on rn.

  11. Dan, I don't think any more that short spike was a wash trade. It seems much more likely that someone knew that this dump will happen…

  12. I love your "do good things" messages at the end. you are definitely an inspiration to the people that follow you both from a TA perspective, but also from a being a good person perspective. Thank you.

  13. The clicking noise in the intro reminds me of the creepy little girl from Hereditary

  14. Thank you very much for your hard work and the vids. Keep em’ coming please

  15. Much love brother…i appreciate your insights…but do you really think humanity was meant to be eating meat? We couldn't ingjest it without fire so my logic says no…Peace.

  16. I've been watching your videos for several months now and look forward to them each day! Your TA videos/lessons have allowed me to understand charts better, and I'm inspired to continue learning so that one day I'll be comfortable trading in all environments (and hopefully able to short comfortably)
    Thank you for your positive messages too – You seem like a rad person to either chill or adventure with! 🙂

  17. Just call it what it actually is… wow! It's called manipulation! Wow — just wow TCGs.

  18. Trading view changed the candle stick colors I notice. Better or worse? The green is now kind of turquoise.

  19. Good commercial Dan! again 😉

  20. you are a good man ,)) thank you ,))

  21. I think the shorts theory you give can be incorrect. I think that the short contracts were used as a hidden sell wall to not allow the price to climb and that made it easier to then start dumping new short contracts and drive the price down and once downward mpmentum started they finally dump all the ones used in the sell wall. Brilliant play from a deep pocketed player.

  22. I just love the concept of Drum Strong, its wonderful. good on you Dan and everyone involved.

  23. Amazone dumped the same day. Several stocks dumped that day. Norwegian stock marked lost close to a % same day.

  24. Telling us what happened after it happens is useless. You can put yourself out there a little and make some predictions. Everybody is wrong once in a while. I don’t think anybody will hold it against you. Showing us what the chart just did does nothing. I saw that for myself.

  25. drum strong info- very nice; happy travels 🙂

  26. If you are trading less, am trading none 😛

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  28. BTC is dead…
    for maybe 5 years. Then there will be another bubble. Then it will die again.

  29. Large player or players gaming the market {note shorts spike, etc}. Had nothing to do with news, RSI, MACD or some other divergence.

  30. Im making a trading plan today. I had a good morning getting a better prudent reserve on the sidelines. 40 dollars too. So, I’m trying to find the logic go,damn Sachs would use so I don’t get faked out as fast. I’m seeing triggered stop losses as an issue when you report these sudden dumps. So I’m going to set buy orders super low and stop limits to get out. I don’t care if they buy I care I don’t lose my capital. I researched this it’s a market strength weakness sota analysis published in June. I think these guys are scared they will lose thier particular stranglehold over the banking industry in a way that is more crippling than other banking outfit. I’ve been researching venture capital firms. I don’t know if this is helpful to us but after reading this. The strategy came to me I just posted. Here, hope it helps if not send me the right direction.

  31. By the way your a good honest technical analyst. The consensus from other channels was really slamming technical analysts. You’ve been very honest and always keeping us ready for sudden drops. I’m surprised your not the number one channel. I haven’t failed except my own stupidity in over a year with you. Good job.