Thursday , August 6 2020
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Proof of Stake at the Ethereum Meetup 2018

Adrian Brink (Tendermint), Vitalik Buterin (Ethereum Basis), Peter Czaban (Web3 Basis), David Knott (OmiseGo) and Vlad Zamfir (Ethereum Basis) at the Ethereum Meetup 2018 produced by TechCrunch in Zug, Switzerland.

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  1. Hope the hard fork will work put well. It's great to see that the Ethereum team is so positive and collaborative.

  2. Please change the description. There is no Vitalik in the video

  3. cute… but i'll go for IOHK

  4. just trying to resurrect Ethereum …. too bad Ethereum has lost the race , there are a lot of bockchains out there witch are way better and to witch Ethereum daps have started moving to …. So …. RIP ethereum ,,,, just stay dead

    All they are talking about is just story ….. as they call it , nothing proven or 100% sure, it's just what they dreamed last night , Vitalik and team took the bitmain money and that is why they do not respect the white paper and do not implement any anti asic, so getting all this tech on ethereum till 2021 as they told is way slow. All they are now is about the $ till the bubble blows