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How To Use MetaMask: Ethereum Wallet in your Browser

This screencast demonstrates methods to use MetaMask, a plugin which allows your browser to connect with the Ethereum blockchain. MetaMask is a key step to interacting with many Ethereum Dapps. You may set up the MetaMask add-on as a Google Chrome extension, Firefox extension, Opera, and it’s appropriate with the brand new Courageous browser.

MetaMask features as a bridge to the distributed net of tomorrow. It means that you can run Ethereum dApps proper in your browser with out operating a full Ethereum node.

Obtain MetaMask:
Ethereal Blockchain Conferences:

Join With MetaMask on

Find out about blockchain, from the fundamentals to improvement:
TruffleCon Builders Convention:
Rhombus: Information Oracles for Sensible Contracts:
Decrypt: Your information to Bitcoin, Ethereum & Internet three.zero:
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  4. Addresses are NOT public keys. Address is a more user-friendly word; it's the location to which you send funds. An address is a hash of your public key, so this video is spreading misinformation.

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  11. Oh dear! I do want to participate in this, I have a Minds account but haven't set up my wallet. It's like learning another language! The more tutorials I watch about this the more confused I am! I guess I'm too old for this now.😔

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