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Ethereum is a Shitcoin? ETH to Crash To $0? Vitalik Responds

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On this video Dvir talks in regards to the current FUD in opposition to Ethereum and Vitalik Buterin’s response.

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  1. Please review Holo and the sudden surge. Thanks.

  2. Ether is slow turtle time to exit etherium else cry later like baby guys already crying after buying at 1000-1400$ shit coin of scam projects icos

  3. There is already a smart contract that will stake Ethereum, it works and there is alot of controversy surrounding the tech because its so new. an exchange backed by a smart contract which gives eth holders 10% of the fees when people buy or sell, instead of a traditional exchange keeping the fees for themselves. It trades on volume/volatility and not traditional price trading. test it out sometime

  4. Holographic Ethereal crypto. I'm good. thx. Anyone for VacuumCoin?

  5. IMO that what that guy was wting is right beacouse value is provided by tokens not ETH itselft and that is why better projects will migrate to owns systems.
    Even making stuff ond EOS is stupid just think that you need pay 1m USD for 1tx/s on EOS now its unscalable right now.
    As About ETH every ICO which is starting thier development are more or less scams becouse before ETH will scale devs will burn all money and probably ETH will evelove that way those ICOs
    won't be able run on ETH without new modyfications.
    ETH/EOS/NEO are like internet in 90+ needs to be tweaked but it will take years IMO.

  6. IMO, Ethereum is good but the SCAM ICOs are killing it slowly. But no doubt for the next bull run where ICOs will 1000x, the price of ETH will of course increase again.

  7. Great video about Ethereum, please review about Staker Token project. This Ethereum based Token. I think this really a great project.

  8. I think that you make some valid points about Ethereum, particularly about scalability and potential redundancy that may occur if the effect is not addressed. However, i do believe that Ethereum blockchain use case wise still has no ultimate rival in crypto space at the moment. Of course like most blockchains, it has some challenges, some that can be addressed, others that are beyond controle, like scam icos. Saying that, ERC20 standard has enabled the concept and development of some great projects. I would implore you guys to have a look at Staker token, a proof of stake standard & ERC20 Standard token with 100% interest in the first year for holders. I particularly love POS coins/tokens, Staker is one the best out there right now IMO.

  9. Everyone bashing ethereum and talk about next eth killers… 🙂 The point I don't understand is why no one bashing bitcoin and trying to be next bitcoin killer? 🙂 What utility bitcoin brings better than ethereum? I think all of this bashing "same for all coins" just speculation pump the rising… bash to droping coins scenario…

  10. Thanx for always make good videos. I like your deep dive in different coins / token. I’ve been holding Stratis for way over a year now. Not hear much about them. Back when I bought them I liked their idea. Can you check them out? It’s not one of those new cool and hyped coins.. Thanks / Anders

  11. Lol there's no way the Ethereum will be a shitcoin not in anyones dreams. There are a bunch of highly great tokens under the Smart Contract of Ethereum. For example is the Staker Token, this token if perfectly using the smart contract and taking advantage of it. It has an implemented Proof-Of-Stake feature which can be on demand real fast this year because it is one of a kind token. If you are not sure about it just join the Staker community and be amazed by how to devs perfectly executing things to get a better results for the project. They are all doing their best to lead this token to its greatest success. There are also different good tokens out there but for the STAKER is the best!… Don't underestimate the Ethereum especially the tokens under it's smart contract. Because Ethereum is giving birth to the greatest tokens especially the STAKER Token.

  12. I recently sold off about 25% of my ETH holdings. I felt over-exposed to the risk and possibility that Ethereum is just working out all these problems for the next project that will come in and take advantage of all their trial and error.

  13. I saw many people say about Ethereum and don't beleive in Etherum, so if they don't beleive in Etherum, why they still use. As my opinion, Ethereum is still a good choice and tokens which are using Ethereum platform still have oppotunity to develop. I can suggest you a potential token which using Ethereum platform and you can take a look about it. That is STAKER Token. You should to see it.

  14. that article was widely debunked as FUD lol move along

  15. Total nonsense. Jeremy Rubin is basicly saying that Bitcoin is also worthless. Ethereum is a cryptocurrency (just like Bitcoin) and a DAPP platform. Offering a DAPP platform is actually a way to add economic value to a coin. Offcourse it's a challenge to best protocollize Ether's value as fuel on the network, but it still remain a cryptocurrency on it's own. If economic abstraction applies to Ethereum it applies to nearly all cryptocurrencies.

  16. The elite pumped Bitcoin and then dumped it to steal your money. Next they will pump Etherium and dump it and laugh once again.

  17. The elite pumped Bitcoin and then dumped it to steal your money. Next they will pump Etherium and dump it and laugh once again.

  18. I love your video, I hope ETH wont crash on 0$, And by the way can you please check about this new PoS coin Staker an ETH platform, This coin have a big potential in the near future.

  19. yepp I mine ether only to autoconvert to btc hahaa

  20. Nice video. Thanks for the explanation.

  21. Great video. Found it by chance and you got a new subscriber.

  22. Vitalik is a genius – visualized the entire network before it was even developed. Back in 2014, he saw these arguments of today. That is pretty damn impressive. I think we can trust he will find ways to scale, or branch off the LOOM sidechains. Get those 2 project teams together and the issues might get solved quickly. Lots of coins will go to zero, but I trust Vitalik to keep ETH from being one of them.

  23. I wont consider Ethereum as a Shitcoin, actually i am impressed with its wide range of application as a leading smart contract & dApp platform. I highly appreciate its promising utility & concept just as i appreciate the new PoS smart contract token based on Ethereum itself — Staken token. These two projects i guess has both bright future ahead.

  24. lol i stumbled on this channel cause i wanted to click on literally anything else when autoplay brought up crypto viewing. that stuff is so annoying to listen to.

  25. Ethereum also acts as a store of value. The narrative that only Bitcoin has 'store of value' characteristics is false.

  26. i THINK ethereum is going back to 50 USD , just right where the pump started , whales have to intention to pump the price up again , ethereum Dev team just kids and the founder is playing WOW and jerking off before he go to bed most of them dont care about miners and they are going to move to POS soon , as a result of this situation I sold everything and switched off my farm , in conclusion lession learned dont invest in crypto it has no value it is not a digital asset it has no assurance it is just a digital number on the screen regardless of mining difficulty the value of any coin would go to near zero at anytime with high possibility ,

  27. Interesting perspective and a great many good points. Eth is not going anywhere. Too much money locked up and too many great projects expanding on Eth network. A good example is the STAKER project. The first proof-of-stake eth token in the world and they are doing fantastic.

  28. Lol okay I'll sell as you say sir what.

  29. Waves platform promising smart contracts and main net release on 10th of September. Which few days away . Interesting project, hustling team . Seems so undervalued compared to other projects which only promising to do it in future ( DEX , fiat )

  30. sharding or plasma (omg) both have the solution for eth! If they will be succeed, eth will be the main blockchain in this ecosystem!

  31. While ethereum network is the future, Ethereum coin itself is garbage dump coin a.k.a shitcoin, invest your hard earned money elsewhere

  32. Ethereum is expensive to run on at the moment and it's slow. The only reason there's still a lot of money in it is because a lot of icos use it to quickly release a token. Other than that I think newer Dapp platforms offer more and cost less in execution. Typical competition is cardano, EOS and Tron. I believe they all have superior tech. The same is true for bitcoin the tech is old and it's only a gateway coin to alt coins where the real value is in the future