Monday , June 17 2019
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Ethereum Futures, Litecoin Privacy Feature And Bitcoin Cash Stress Test

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  1. Hi TMI, any chance on a video discussing what is happening with Holochain..The Firefox connection and the major price hike.
    Love the videos as always, thanks.

  2. HODL – bull run coming in October

  3. "Day late", but you're one of the most consisten and reliable sources of news. Worth the wait.

  4. Sentiment is so bad right now all this talk of $20k this year is bullshit. Last year everyone was bullish on BTC. This year everyone is skiddish AF. Nothing will happen this year guys.

  5. Leo Melamed said that "We'll Tame Bitcoin", rather obnoxiously…stuck up prick can shove his money up his back hole.

  6. The cryptobank is getting too big to fail. Interesting time in the financial markets. The shakedown is on and the jig is up on most cryptos. Less than 10 and more like 6 or 7 will survive as $ and not just tokens that have other uses. The king of cryptos hasn’t been created yet.

  7. Paper Bitcoin? I think the word you're looking for is paper wallet.. Listen. The only taming and suppression they have done is cast fear. There is only so much black market trading that can be done before true value is realized. Once again showing the power of finite.

    Yes, manipulation can occur, but with Bitcoin, there will always be a limit. It would be very interesting In a world where Bitcoin is traded against Gold.

  8. If you could buy a btc backed etf, why would you choose to buy a non backed etf?

  9. Flippening and the other podcast url?

  10. So the big institutions aren’t freedom fighters? No way!

  11. ANOTHER ONE! great info! thanks again!

  12. I think it's hilarious how many people are trying to shit all over Bitcoin Cash when they successfully prove how much superior they are to Bitcoin.

  13. Tame what ?? it’s upto market cap

  14. Thanks for the video. Seeeeeeeeeee you!

  15. Open the door for manipulation. ETF's will finish off Eth.

  16. Although my personal outlook is more positive, and favorable of the crypto community, and the 'paper money' reference may have just been exemplary — Though it would make sense into the late 90's early 2000, I'll wager the paper thing ain't happnin'. Plastic "credit" cards, and chips/implants are far more likely as the masses are being groomed… In any similar, worse case scenario: people, for whatever reason, continue to allow third-party management of their financial lives, resources, and even child-rearing…. this would allow for an inflationary, and / or debt-system construct to be employed to "help" people manage daily living. As stated, my personal outlook is more positive, but, just sayin'…

  17. They cannot make derivatives from bitcoin. One fork will bankrupt any institution

  18. Where can I can the Flippening Podcast?

  19. The privacy encryption algorithms will have to be updated regularly because the code breakers will be hard at work cracking them

  20. Where are the 10 idiots who gave thumbs down? Its just news….

  21. If people realize that we don't really need a etf or futures for rhe crypto world to move further, its just a matter of time the cryptos get adopted utility wise and more people do research and understand what crypto is..

  22. When people start using bitcoin instead of their own money – governments will kill off bitcoin in nine months just like you said

  23. Hey Modern Investor – love your channel! I just started my crypto journey recently. So I'm listening to everything I can. You seem to have great insight and a good style of presentation. With all the announcements of events happening in the next few months. I was wondering if you could put together a video highlighting the near future timeline.

  24. 6:01 Debt-free currency for the people!

  25. When you want to gain a method to gain Bitcoin you just need to do a search for " pranaholistico bitcoin " in the search engine. I hope you will succeed.