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Ethereum Hard Fork Debate, Bitcoin Price Indicator And DASH Running Out Of Funds

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  1. I thought the low mic volume was just me. Love the content. You do a great job. Thanks

  2. Whats going on Nano, have you heard anything or any updates happening soon, its like they fell of the planet.. love to hear what you find on this.

  3. Thanks again! Mic sounds güt!

  4. You're my preferred morning news! Absolutely love your content, style and even your voice!

  5. i definitely trust brain Kelly than most of the shills on youtube

  6. 3:00 More reasons I didn't buy ether. Hard forks every few months? A confused mind says no.

  7. ETH is centralized by Vitalic. Remember in 2017 the rumor he died? Eth crashed hard. What a mess, ran by a child with child like business sense Centralized by that child. No thanks. How's your crypto kitties doing?

  8. How can you say that they have money each and every ico were based on it

  9. I like Ether over bitcoin for its speed but then I get less for my fiat so I havent been using it. Aside from pools and erc20 havent been using eth.

  10. Volume always been good to me no issues here great job thanks.

  11. Why do you talk about kin ru interested in it

  12. 29:10 I am curious what this creation of government cryptocurrency would look like. Through debt or by way of productive means.

  13. B/c CNBC is a JOKE. They all are criminals esp Jime Crammer (aka dumbass). B/c of JIm Crammer, lots of working people took big financial hit back in 2008

  14. I don't think Dash is goin anywhere, but their situation is a reason u should seek out coins where the Devs & team are entirely volunteers, like Vertcoin.. All funds are donated by the community, & they are stingy as hell with them.. I believe Bitcoin Private is now all volunteers as well…

  15. "If you got in early, or got in NOW, you are very lucky". I agree. I heard about bitcoin in 2010 when Max Keiser told Alex Jones about it. Didn't know about Mt. Gox, Coinbase, Binance or none of that. Looking back, I should've taken my smartphone out and started researching exchanges. It's said that had you bought bitcoin back then and HELD, you'd at least be a millionaire. Derrick is not one to repeat a mistake. It's "bitcoin or bust" for me.

  16. hello thank you for your work. what are those 13 websites that you said you use? if you dont mind 🙂

  17. Dash spent a boat load of money pushing Dash in Venezuela pretending Dash was actively being adopted.

  18. so i guess eth is more centralized than everyone thinks since vitalik has the final say since its been invented.

  19. "Not the tech savviest" immediately invests in crypto needing black belt in understanding tech ? (joking, a huge fan of your channel ?)

  20. that is some negative shiiiallt

  21. CNBC Criminals needing bitcoin.. That's what the Oracle says…

  22. If I remember correctly, Dash did projects like teaching people or about crypto in Venezuela so you could see how costs could get crazy.

  23. I got 4 eth, bought them at £550 in November I should of sold them at £1250 in December but I kept them hoping it will go up even more…this is why exit strategy is an absolute must!

  24. eth is death its oldscool

  25. Does this mean when the hard fork happens everyone holding Ether will get a second free coin?

  26. But Charlie Lee sold his coins and donated to the Litecoin foundation.. Wouldn't this count as thinking about the future of Litecoin?

  27. Volume was fine last 3 videos.. must be on their end.

  28. Looks like all these coins with "governance" are going where they were always going to go – down the pan.

  29. Thank you for sharing =).

  30. It does not matter if the global economic order gets "destabilized" because it`s owned by the 1%

  31. Sound is good man….typically big pays or bonuses… Needs to stop …

  32. Dash Core Group got into a problem because of tax liabilities. There is no 'funding' problem. There is a treasury of $1.2 million so Dash isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

  33. DASH gives me a RASH!! XRP is the Future!!!!