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Ethereum Core Devs Meeting #45 [08/24/18]


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  1. the issuance reduction last year (from 5 to 3) came hand in hand with a lowering of the difficulty (diff bomb removed) so it was actually a profitability increase for miners not a reduction.

    If you reduce issuance at this point where its already barely profitable to mine with gpus, gpus will spread out to other currencies or be used for something else. mining hashrate always centralizes towards the most efficient hardware over time, even if its only marginally more efficient, so youll end up with a network of asics running only in the locations with the cheapest power

  2. If we reduce reward, we must REMOVE ASICS!

  3. ASICS can be removed with a tiny algo change,
    PROGPOW is interesting, and worth exploring, but no need to wait 8 months for it.
    We might as well remove the asics now with a trivial change like Monero did with CN to CNv1

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  6. 1:25:44 Matthew Light drops some much needed common sense.

  7. Will be putting a video about this together …. sorry I was not present today … really should of been 🙁

  8. Did all of you succeed to take the part in DENT airdrop? This morning I got tokens from

  9. What we need is these algos doing something more useful than just validating transactions and wasting energy on meaningless guesses at random numbers. The computation should do something that benefits mankind.

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  12. Please, for crying out loud stop the waffle. As Greg says: ask each interested party for a Yes/No/OMDB for 1 and 2 reduction, then decide. We know no one wants ASICS – commit to address that separately.

  13. Ethereum community got so much poisonous ideas that one just wonders how it would be ever healed. A PoW coin that tries to betray it code and get rid of its most basic characteristic! These kids are really ridiculous. Vitalik, the genius (hahaha) loves PoS? Why shouldn't he just initiate a new project anew coin? heh? They are PoW and act PoS right now. They are just betraying their miners.

  14. These Devs are Completely Lost… *Then Came DOGEthereum! : )

  15. Make Ethereum ASIC resistant again!

  16. In 2017 the valuation was the same However the amount of GPU's and ASICs that have come onto the network since has increased significantly.. the Difficulty has increased to a point where it is almost impossible for the miner to make ANY profit on the Ethereum network (the the current price). If there is more efficient hardware this WILL push GPU miners off the network.. period. IF the mining reward reduction gets to a point where it is impossible for a GPU miner to turn a profit they will leave. If Ethereum doesn't want to be on PoW mining (and they dont) and they dont care about the community that has supported them this whole time then they should reduce the block reward and let the network be taken over by ASIC. If they want to keep any of the community involved then they should seriously consider the overall community impact and impact to the overall acceptance of Ethereum by either reducing the mining block reward and/or not changing the PoW algo.

  17. You guys are great coders but monetary planners you are not. Listen to Brian, he is the only one who has the correct plan. You can not reduce the reward now you will kill the miners, Ether is already in a very fragile place in a very fragile market. You WILL tank the price and compromise Ethereum's dominance in the market. When you have nothing but bitmain's asics running your network how are you going to ever do a hard fork not to mention security. Also I think you should spend a lot less time worrying about how much money is being spent on hardware and power. You guys are single handedly forging a new industry, the market will dictate how the power is produced and used, the worlds energy usage is going up no matter what just like Xin said and crypto is going to be a big part of it, whether it conflicts with your millennial ideology or not. Stick to coding, stop trying to dictate how the resources are spent on your DECENTRALIZED system.

  18. We have a few hundred 1070ti farm running at lowest cost of production mining eth. We have built close to 1m in gpu miners for clients as well over the last year. I find some perspectives very helpful here and others very troubling. If anyone from the dev team would like to speak to a miner with about 1m of equipment running gpu on eth please reach out to us. We have lots of it up on the channel too.

  19. lazy pathetic team no one want to do their job ,

  20. Lazy team , pathetic they dont want to work , nothing is done on time , they promised to keep ethereum asic resistant and now they say its too much work to change POW algo ,