Tuesday , July 16 2019
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Will ICOs Destroy Ethereum?

Not too long ago concern hit the Ethereum Platform as individuals started questioning if ICOs could be the demise of ETH. The argument goes as such: As Ethereum is used to lift for ICOs and a faltering ICO market may immediate VCs to panic promote their ETH. In the present day we take a look at the well being of the ICO market and draw some analogies to what occurred with Kickstarter.

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I am not knowledgeable monetary adviser and it is best to at all times do your individual analysis. I could maintain the cryptocurrencies talked about within the video.

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  1. Ethereum usually lags behind BTC and is usually more volitile too. That said I would expect ethereum to continue to go down until it finishes it's lagging downward following of BTC and then start rising and just as dramatically as when it when it went down. It's still good technology with great utility.

  2. A good video topic would be a tutorial of how to get a Monero wallet setup that works with a ledger.

  3. Lol I really hope everyone here is joking

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  5. Hey, you should do a video on Digitex Futures Exchange it is an amazing project https://digitexfutures.com/get-early-access/?kid=QMTVD

  6. It's been since the beginning of the year since you gave us your thoughts on ENIGMA (ENG). An update would be great. Thanks

  7. Etherium is doomed bulshit network

  8. What are your views on the SKYcoin project? Please take a look at it. Its an old project from 2011 that is flying under most people's radar

  9. Yes, you are right "you can't put the cat back into the bag". Another way of saying it is : "Once the shitting has begun it's a) hard to stop and b) impossible to reverse". 🙂 This sector of the economy will now continue adding to the shitcoin pile. 🙂 I won't speculate on what part of the anatomy Ethereum is. 🙂

  10. Hey Mike. Maybe a particular fundraising platform may have only one rush time, the great boom. You r right. Kickstarter didn't die but people were interested in next generation investing platforms. Ethereum became the one in 2016. Who knows maybe eth has passed this moment of glory and now newcomers (like neo and stellar…) will make the action. The ones more secure and scalable

  11. Boxmining! I found you at Exodus personalities list. why are you listed there? thanks and I've subscribed to you.

  12. have you checked ORCA yet??

  13. Enigma(ENG) is definitely Ethereum's missing part to solve problems of scalability and privacy.
    It is only a matter of time before more companies large and small realize the value of Enigma's solutions.
    As a key stakeholder of ENG I've never thought of selling my ENG even in a bear market.
    There are some cheeky greedy chinese copycat projects like Oasis, Origo, Trias. They are all talk.
    Look how Enigma has own working product and partnered with many companies including Intel.
    Only time will tell. Let's wait and see.

  14. Problem is that on ICOs no one allmost is interested in products but in instant x10 gains 😀 but will live PnD all time once more once less

  15. the price drop and the insane mining difficulty of Ether could result in the coin failing. if the developers were proactive, they would drop the difficulty immediately to pump up the interest. For now, it is due time to convert ether to BTC.

  16. The problem is not the ICOs fault, it actually is the one who controls a certain project. Most ICOs today are a scam which make newbies panic. Nice video as always Boxmining but did you know that there is a Proof-of-Stake token on the Ethereum Network? You should check out Staker, it is a Non ICO project. Staker Token is Based on the ERC-20 on the Ethereum Network and it's worth a shot.

  17. Great job Boxmining, thanks for this video presentation. As we all know most ICOs nowadays are based on Ethereum and scams ICOs are rampant which I believe triggers to huge panic sales & strong reduction in price. Anyways at the moment, i am impressed with a new Non-ICO project Staker Token, this project also based on Eth platform offering Proof-of-Stake smart contract token type & I believe this project has bright future ahead.

  18. ICO is not bad at all its just having a bad problem because most of the ICO ending up scam due to not reaching a good funds to continue the project and that is the most problem of ICO project based and mostly investor are afraid of. I did invested in some ICO project that i think they will succeed and i did invested on STaker token its a non-ICO project based on eth platform which is PoS smart contract token that i know this project will be huge in the future among the rest of token at Eth platform

  19. a lot of ico is coming to run away with the money , fooling people around ico name with dead coins.
    that's why i choice staker coin without ico they are giving handful of coins to member's who do that task rightful manner already listed in exchange and cmc listing.
    with active dev team and always communication around the community updates and more over very passionate about via eth blockchain gaming.

  20. there are some ethereum blockchain-based tokens that do not need ico to be successful. if the project developers think the use case of their token is valuable, then the company do not need ico. many projects launches ico and just run away. besides, many ico-based projects dumped the eth coins after ico, and just run away with investors' money.

  21. I know a project which is using Ethereum platform without ICO, that is Staker Token. Although without ICO but with the active community, support, team, this project is really a potential project and it was proven.

  22. there are tons of brilliant coins without ICO on the internet. These ones are healthier for the ethereum ecosystem. Notably staker community, a proof of stake built on ethereum with a solid team behind the project!

  23. Thanks Boxmining for this great information. As we all know ICOs are full of scammer they always want to steal public money. But here I found something different than ICO and that is "STAKER" they are giving their token freely in format of airdrop. Staker Token is the Next Proof-of-Stake Smart Contract Token on Ethereum platform. It’s based on the ERC20 Token Standard and implements all standard methods. It has a great community growing in rocket speed, and also has a heavy experienced developers. Staker is already listed in exchanges and Coinmarketcap. My suggestion is just give a look on this project.