Tuesday , August 20 2019
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Keynote from Vitalik Buterin (Ethereum Foundation) at Ethereum Meetup 2018

Vitalik Buterin talks transaction charge economics at the Ethereum Meetup 2018 produced by TechCrunch in Zug, Switzerland.

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  1. I got into an argument with Vitalik about this on twitter, FIXED FEES EQUALS CENTRALIZATION, sorry I'm not sorry, Buterin.

  2. i totally get that is content is interesting for a lot of people –
    i'm curious to see how it will be marketed and sold from a consumers point of view too
    by all means do not take richard hearts last video as a guideline

  3. So should I buy Ether now? lol

  4. Thank you for you and your teams integrity Vitalik. Impressive!

  5. Transaction, transaction, transaction !

  6. Eth price getting a beating

  7. Insane that we can watch the Einstein of our time for free on our mobile devices straight after he speaks!

  8. Simple answer to all this rised questions is…. EOS 😉

  9. It's getting closer to social economic layer and DAO. Also hibernate technique looks grate brakethru.

  10. 20:20 – storage fees – ongoing per block… just for smart contracts, or txs too? It makes sense economically – paying once to store something forever seems broken… but that is what blockchains all operate as presently, no? So with this proposal, If you don't pay your contract gets bumped? isn't that implying a mutable blockchain?

  11. Can someone please explain how bidding lower than the lowest bid a rip off (expensive) and why we don't get in? Its at 16:32. Another great talk by one of top minds of our generation

  12. ETH rocks. If only it can scale and get faster, it's going to pioneer the internet of money. New Internet

  13. Ethereum is struggling to make things happen. Falling behind schedule.

  14. Hey Vitalik, nice word salad. When will my ETH node be synced?

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  16. He's not factoring in one very important factor… If the coin is more useful and more people start using it (because it is super fast cheap and reliable like bitcoin cash) and the market cap grows then the number of miners can actually grow! It costs about $1 million to open a bakery in a big city these days… this is more than enough for a terabyte block size mining rig with today's technology! Think of combine harvesters… you start with one combine harvester in one small town (yes that would be a centralisation of food production if that industry never grew beyond that small town…) but if it goes global we have exactly the reality of what did and what does happen when you go let markets work. I'm sorry. A global financial system will not be done on a raspberry pi! It will be massive data centers with massive high speed connectivity connections. Bitcoin cash is the future. Basically instant 0-conf transactions for commerce. The future is here now. Ethereum is going to fail to scale (sharding just shuffles the chairs around) with all of the state changes of programs being stored on chain… poor decision that. Vitalik has a communist streak in him… this is where his blond spots come from. Anarchocapitalists are who you need to listen to.

  17. Blockchains are just trouble.

  18. "YAY the crazy annoying​ music is over". Adorable.

  19. what a disgusting person, disgusting scammer, the worst of the humane race. premines 70% of his entire incentive supply and calls it decentralized. trust his grace that he didn't buy from sale himself for free. who the hell designs a blockchain dependent on centralized trust? this guy. yet markets using all the right buzzwords that bitcoin devs invented. including smart contracts. simply a disgusting idiot who has never innovated. it's every devs dream to punch him in the mouth

  20. 4:49 his first name is Arthur, and apart of tax and Cap-n-Trade, there are offset model, and transaction based model

  21. Great presentation! Indeed other than focusing on technical fees, economic approach in taxing social cost would be more effective! Like the idea of storage cost, thou needs more thoughts and considerations

  22. This video can't change eth price

  23. Wish I could understand a word of it…….no I'm not.

  24. 2 minute of him talking and i feel like stupid shit

  25. So much language and verbiage that I’m not aware of this is big brain block chain fun

  26. This is an interesting video about being able to give crypto a physical location https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sn3IEOLBg0g

  27. I love Ethererum(eth) i love Vitalik Buterin !!!!!