Friday , October 18 2019
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Ethereum is a Shitcoin? Programmer explains.

Let’s discuss Ethereum, ICOs, VCs, value, side-chains, sharding and plasma!


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Good Morning Crypto!

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Ivan on Tech by Ivan Liljeqvist

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  1. 00:50 Why is everyone so negative?
    02:00 Why is the price of ETH dropping?
    03:46 VCs cutting losses
    06:25 Future action plan
    07:40 Vyper & Python
    08:13 Side-chains & Sharding
    11:20 Side-chain trade-offs
    13:57 Plasma Cash
    14:40 What happens if someone breaks a contract?
    16:06 Summary
    17:48 Time (vs price) perspective
    21:08 Sign off

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  2. Hi Ivan! Lisk is the anwser for all your concerns!!!! Lisk has lauched their Lisk Core yesterday in a smooth and perfect way. Lisk has sidechains, easy programming language with Javascript. Lisk is one of the project focusing on real adoption and real usecases for decentralized blockchain technology! So check LISK !

  3. the basic value of each currency is trust. No wonder that the price of Ethereum is still falling, since the currency that was supposed to be ASIC RESISTANT is now mainly mined by ASIC's.

  4. The whales will be dumping the price 1-2 weeks before 19. Sep. 2018 (the current largest BTC futures end date) just to close their shorts with more profit. I expect at least 10% fall between 5. Sep and 19. Sep., and then a 10% increase around 19. Sep when a lot of them will be closing their short positions, followed by a large drop to 5900-6100 resistance between 19.Sep and 30. Sep. after the SEC postpones the bitcoin ETF decision. During october and early november, I expect a bullish trend that is common in every anticipation of the next SEC decision. Lightning Network will bull up the market even more. The other strong sell signal is that the CNBC has had bullish news on crypto in the last few days, which is the 95% chance the market is going bearish short-term, according to "I Love Crypto" youtuber. Good luck guys.

  5. Wouldn't Bitcoin be able to do what you describe that Ethereum could do with sidechains?

  6. Should it have to being near zero to gain value from retail investors all over again (like Bitcoin in 2010). Then Vitalik was right.

  7. so question is though…does ether have what it takes to bounce back? possible? what say you ?

  8. lisk is working on sidechains

  9. As miners eth hell no not mining it 2 eth per block. Ico dapps will not start even eth system without miner. The hype is from fake ice but some not. Dump my eth 2 months ago hahahah hey on the bright side a major league baseball team dodgers will us ERC20 TOKEN AS MEMORABILLIA BWAHAHAHAH YOU CAN INVEST ON THAT IF YOU WANT BWAHAHHHA. Tgis is what happend when minets not getting appreciation on our hashes. We look for another coin not token yes i repeat not token.

  10. it's easy when price are going down to start jumping on the vagon and throw shit…why didn't you say this and the price was skyrocketing? in few months time when price will be high again the I bet there will be not a fcking word….

  11. Thoughtful content and insights, but when a video says "smash that like button" so frequently I have to click the dislike button. I understand it's good to ask for users who may not think of it naturally, but the frequency can definitely be toned down a bit…

  12. why do i think this guys sunny decree?

  13. Can someone explain why one would play a game on this? What is the benefit

  14. Hypocrite if you watch his past videos.

  15. ETH is dead! I sold all for $190! I buy back at $20!

  16. I think Crypto programmers aren't necessarily financial experts when it comes market movements . No disrespect to you, your opinions are definitely useful just want to point this out to viewers because some people in the industry make lots of biased claims yet they're not exactly educated on financial markets. Some were really fortunate and invested in cryptocurrency during a good moment in time but that still doesn't qualify them as a financial expert.

  17. VCs wont cut their losses on ethereum. Most of the VCs bought ico's at very cheap prices. Most VCs are probably still in an OK place or if they are down they are smart enough to not sell at the bottom. Dont mix VCs with retail behavior

  18. Etherium is the MySpace of cryptos.

  19. Great video! I disagree about sidechains though. ownchain is the way forward in my opinion, Skycoin has a good example of this!

  20. Who cares. So long as you can make money.

  21. People are so impatient in this world. If people would just stop and think of the profound and unique position that we are in as early on crypto investors. We are basically involved in a once in a lifetime opportunity. I mean if you go back and look at the charts of Amazon, Apple, Google, etc., you think to yourself, "Man, I wish I could have bought in at those golden moments of opportunity". But the thing is there were complainers and naysayers that missed out and probably could have been millionaires if they just had held on and stopped the complaining. Like Ivan said "TIME". Think about the longer the bear the more time to invest. So let's say it took a year for ETH to reach $1500 but in that time you kept buying at $200 and amassed 100 ETH. That would be $150,000!!

  22. Why does this all remind me of P.T. Barnum 🙂