Friday , July 19 2019
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Is Ethereum in Capitulation? ETH price crashes! SHOULD YOU BUY THE DIP? Bitcoin and Crypto News


Please tell us what you considered our assessment beneath! Are you holding any of those cash?

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  1. TO BE CLEAR: we don't think you should be buying any dips until the market stabilizes, as the bottom could be a lot lower. Obviously, just our opinion and not financial advice.

  2. Eth at $200 would be nice for me to get back in. Got out at $482 and went to EoS. Terrible for both ?

  3. high level comment, that was well done!


  5. In the good old days I had 1 Bitcoin, now I have just 1 Bitcoin left. lol. It's terrifying!

  6. You keeep this vibe! Its relatable

  7. it looks like we got that wick you were eluding to after the daily close today…not sure if this was enough but it fits all guidelines…high volume selloff and quick…hmmm

  8. Thoroughly enjoyed this edition of FUD

  9. Who bought ZILLIQA tokens? blow a whistle of their free tokens distribution!

  10. Well done bro! Appropriate and informative but not causing fear! Good luck on your new project, look forward to hearing more about it soon! Hind sight 20/20, Eth has started to rise from the ashes.

  11. Etherium is a shitcoin. By the time it scales other platforms in the dust. If you didn't sell over $500 you missed a trick and won't get another chance. Eth/btc leads the alts and it's now leading the alt dump, hope a decoupling occurs.

  12. to look a little farther in the future – interesting article about decentralized internet vision by Tron

  13. $DAD is a decentralized advertising layer built on #Ontology $ONT. They are airdropping 10 million DAD tokens! get your first taste of crypto for free.

  14. I've never been big on Eth for this exact reason. ICO companies have millions in Eth. If they need funds they are going to sell their Eth. I know hindsight is wonderful but once a bear market was known Eth was going to be hit hard.

  15. How have you managed to get around copyright issues with Tron and their logo for Tronchat? Hope it works out for you.

  16. Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can't help them, at least don't hurt them that is good, I will be willing to guide you through a successful Ethereum investment thats if you are willing for us to work together. I have help so many investors and they are doing very well.All you need to do is to create an account of your own with Coin Trust company and you will get started Thanks you all

  17. SYScoin has its own mainnet and several project already announce to use it?

  18. Eth has competition. NEO and tron no. This goes up on September. I know because I know why it is down. And things are changing. People are going back to BTC and that is good since btc controls. That said we need new better exchanges. Not the overpriced crap we deal with today. 3. We need a good packed order book an that comes with people buying , selling (participating) that will come with good exchanges and the etf

  19. thanks for making a video Elliot. Tough market. But I used the opportunity to finally pull the trigger on some XLM. I'm hodlin Stellar now, holmie. 🙂

  20. Something that not many people know, that green screen is too close to your back, giving you a green hue. You have to stand far from your green screen,. Cheers! 🙂

  21. What, if anything does all the mean for ETC? Kinda ironic with ICO's getting shafted by markets so hard in the end. Maybe now it's NEO's time to shine during ETH's decline .

  22. This is the first episode of FUD TV I've watched for a while. I prefer this more serious version, good one Ellio.

  23. Thanks for sharing this interesting video. I do wait for the right time but im not looking at the price now. Im more with long term purposes like DeepOnion which can be adopted for everyday use. This coin is worth hodling too.

  24. anybody know the tune at the end of the episode? Thanks in advance!

  25. We shouldn't invest in icos with a volatile currency. Maybe these platforms need their own stable tokens to be used for icos and can also be used to "tether" our bets. We need a solution to prevent future market crashes asap. Projects should not be funded by fluctuating currency

  26. great video (yuck news) but really fast and concise – I'll tune in again. nice

  27. Inside secret… ethereum about to take off?

  28. great video and explanations, gained a subscriber